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Lean safety technology introduced for railway infrastructure

HIMA unveil lean safety technology. (Image source: HIMA)

HIMA unveiled their HIMax and HIMatrix commercial off-the-shelf controllers, which can be used for railing companies to lower costs without compromising safety 

In an ideal world, interlocking systems should be a dedicated device to set points and ensure safety. The job of these interlocking systems is to detect the changes ofthe position of a point and send a ?track free/ track not free? signal. However, more and more interlocking systems are containing functions, which are not safety related and add cost. 

The HIMatrix and HIMax commercial off-the-shelf systems are leaner, thus cutting costs without comprising safety. Additionally, both systems are vibration and shock resisitant. Both systems from HIMA are approved by CENELEC for use up to the highest safety integrity level, SIL 4.

?Particularly for interlocking and signalling technology, COTS safety controllers have considerable advantages over proprietary technology,? says Sedat Sezg?n, head of rail at HIMA.

?Our control systems for the rail industry offer maximum safety and make decentralized interlocking and signalling systems ?smart? at a relatively low cost. At the same time, they aren?t burdened with all the unnecessary functions that a central control system controls. At remarkably low prices and with greater flexibility, these lean solutions will become the go-to choice in the long term.?