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RTA tests rail fastening systems in UK?s factory

RTA aims to ensure the use of the highest technical standards of the industry. (Image source: RTA)

A delegation from the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has visited the UK?s Pandrol factory to test and verify the efficiency and the manufacturing quality of rail fastening systems, which will be supplied to Dubai?s Route 2020 metro expansion project

The purpose of the visit was to ensure that all rail fastening systems are compatible with the specifications of Route 2020 project as well as the international specifications, said RTA.

During the visit, the delegation attended a series of field tests to ensure those components are free from internal cracks and corrosion defects and capable of resisting the corrosion resulting from Dubai environmental and climate conditions.

The system clips the rail track and absorbs vibrations resulting from the train movement, which reduces the noise levels and brings it in line with the local and international specifications applied in Dubai.

According to RTA, the system is very efficient in sustaining the heat, humidity and salty climatic conditions.

RTA said that the visit was conducted to Pandrol factory as it is one of the leading manufacturers of rail fastening systems across the globe.

The implementation of the Route 2020 project is in line with Dubai 2021 plan to ensure the sustainable growth and develop infrastructures and services at international levels. It also aims to build a sophisticated mass transit network including the metro, tram, buses and marine transport modes in the region.