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SAR and Uber partner to launch passenger transportation options

The service provided by SAR and Uber will boost the level of transportation for SAR passengers saving them time and effort. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The Saudi Railway Company (SAR), in partnership with Uber, has announced the launch of a new service to facilitate the transportation of clients from SAR stations to their final desired destinations

Under the partnership agreement, which has been agreed for an initial two years, the new service will cover stations in Riyadh on the North Train line and Qassim, and for the Eastern Train, Riyadh, Hofuf, and Dammam. The second phase of the agreement is expected to cover the stations of Al Majmaah, Hail, Al Jawf, Qurayyat and Abqaiq.

The service will enable SAR clients to use the Uber app on their phones to book directly before reaching their destination stations in order to enable them to arrive safely, quickly and comfortably at their final destinations.

The service provided by SAR and Uber will boost the level of transportation for SAR passengers saving them time and effort. According to the agreement, three sites will be allocated for the transportation of passengers using Uber, in the arrival area of ??the stations. All are equipped with systems to guide passengers the moment they arrive at their designated reception sites.

At the same time, SAR will work with Uber jointly with the aim of strengthening their existing partnership within SAR stations as well as on trains and via the website, in order to improve the client experience and encourage them to make advance transportation reservations.

For his part, the senior vice-president for Passenger Transport at SAR, Khaled Al-Harbi, said that this agreement between SAR and Uber is considered an important addition to the entire travel experience using SAR trains, which enables clients to reach their final destinations both quickly and flexibly.

Al-Harbi pointed out that this agreement is part of SAR?s development plans which aim to attract more people to experience the rail travel experience. He stressed that this agreement will soon be followed by further steps, with the aim of enhancing the travel experience of SR?s passengers, making it even more comfortable, easier and safer to travel through its various facilities.

Muhammad Gazzaz, general manager of Uber in the Kingdom, said, ?Cooperation with the public transport sector and providers of mobility services between cities is at the heart of our vision, which aims to provide an integrated system for our clients with seamless mobility solutions.?

?By doing so, we are redefining the ways we travel, helping to create better cities. Our participation with SAR is a milestone and an effective contribution to achieving this constructive vision, while providing the opportunity for SAR?s passengers to benefit from Uber?s technologies which will expand the scope of transportation, and provide more efficient access to the platform,? Gazzaz added. 

Uber expressed their pride and confidence in cooperating with SAR to work on providing a better transportation experience for all passengers across the Kingdom.