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Hyster: Four lift truck trends to watch

Hyster 3.5T Fortens with raised cab. (Image source: Hyster)

As materials handling requirements, technologies and economic conditions evolve across the Middle East, certain trends are driving lift truck choices across the region

Affordable solutions 
?To meet growing market demand for affordably priced solutions that get the job done, the Hyster? UT series was launched in 2020, including IC and electric lift trucks, plus warehouse equipment,? said James Newman, area business director, Middle East and Africa for Hyster. ?These new options give businesses more ways to select the right truck for their budget and their needs.? 
When matched with the right application and operating volume, businesses will find the Hyster? UT series trucks straightforward, durable, reliable, and uncomplicated to maintain. They are particularly well suited to lower intensity applications and complement the existing range of Hyster? FT and XT lift trucks.

Zero emissions forklifts 
?Many businesses want to switch from IC trucks to electric forklifts,? he said. ?Although IC trucks are still right for many, others need to meet emissions legislation, or may want to minimise contaminants in their operation.? 
A range of Hyster? electric lift truck options, such as the highly manoeuvrable and energy efficient Hyster? JXN and JXNT series are available, for lifts up to 5.5 tonnes. Affordable three- and four-wheel electric lift trucks are also available from the Hyster? UT series and the company offers a complete range of electric trucks for the warehouse, from pallet and stacker trucks to reach trucks and VNA.

Advanced lift truck technology 
As businesses seek technologically advanced solutions, lithium-ion batteries are an option for many types of Hyster? equipment. Hyster also recently launched the J7.0-9.0 XNL series to provide a zero emissions lift truck, powered by a lithium ion battery for lifts up to nine tonnes, and there are many ongoing developments for the larger lift trucks and Hyster? container handlers. 
?We also see demand for Hyster? robotic lift trucks as applications seek affordable automation to drive efficiency for repetitive handling tasks,? Newman said. ?These trucks make it possible to automate activities such as moving pallets or towing trailers and can offer a good return in the right applications.?

Industry-specific solutions 
?Our aim is to provide solutions across the full spectrum of market needs, so we have a range of specialist options for particular requirements,? he said. ?A great example is our raised cab option, popular for beverage industry customers.? 
The raised cabin provides an extra 350mm or 450mm height to the driver on Hyster? electric lift trucks, or an additional 500mm on Fortens? IC forklifts. With more visibility over a full load, which may be up to 1.8m high, operators can comfortably drive forwards over greater distances, reducing driver fatigue and supporting productivity. 
?With the support of our network of local dealers across the region, we cater to all of these lift truck trends and much more, meeting the needs of applications from South Africa and Nigeria, to Ivory Coast and Kenya,? he added.

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Source: Hyster