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IVECO's new truck range provides increased productivity, safety and comfort

IVECO now offers a complete, renewed line?up with the new T?WAY off?road and S?WAY long?haul trucks. (Image source: IVECO)

IVECO has launched the T-Way and S-Way trucks in the Middle East and Africa market, which provide increased productivity, safety and comfort

The launch event for the new IVECO WAY range held at the Dubai Autodrome, included a product presentation and dedicated test drive on an on-road and offroad track. Technical Review Middle East was present to gain deeper insights from the IVECO team, on the additional features and innovations of the vehicles.

TRME: IVECO has a long track record in the Middle East and Africa region. What has been the brand?s response to the evolving needs of the region?

IVECO team: IVECO has always been synonymous with reliability as well as quality and we enjoy the trust of several customers in the region. Our top markets here include the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. We have a strong network of 11 dealers and 40 authorised service locations in the Middle East and continue to work towards sustained growth and improved service standards. The full range of IVECO trucks is available in the region, covering a wide range of industries.

TRME: How has IVECO used connectivity and digitalisation in the new range to provide a better driving experience? How has it addressed the aspect of sustainability? 

IVECO team: The new trucks developed through continous product innovations and research are highly focused on connectivity and regulations relating to emissions.

Both IVECO T-WAY and S-WAY are designed with advanced solutions for efficiency and productivity, to meet the complete set of market demands. IVECO T-WAY is equipped with new telematics features and digital services.

IVECO S-WAY further increases its fuel efficiency, which was already among the best, with a new engine line-up in alignment with Euro III/V emission standards.

Further, all elements of the new design work together to achieve a superior aerodynamic performance and deliver fuel savings up to 4% in long haulage. Features that contribute to the IVECO S-WAY?s fuel economy include the new Ecoroll function which automatically disengages driveline in a smooth slope to exploit vehicle inertia, Ecoswitch which optimises engine power/torque output according to vehicle load and mission, and Tyre Pressure Monitoring system to keep under control the pressure of each tyre for increased safety and fuel efficiency.

TRME: What features in the new range add to the safety and comfort of the driver?

IVECO team: The new functionalities of the range have provided particular attention to productivity, safety and a completely renewed and redesigned cabin, to improve the on-board comfort and vehicle performance. T Way internal.jpga

The additional features of the IVECO T-WAY are all designed to provide maximum protection to the driver. For instance, the new braking system features EBS (Electronic Braking System) as standard, full disc brakes available on PWD models, and new ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) available across the range.

The new IVECO S-WAY similarly, provides a complete package of features with a focus on driver centricity. Customers appreciate the improvements in performance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that come with high reliability of the new truck range, providing the complete solutions they need.