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IVECO has launched Stralis X-WAY, an entirely new range specifically designed for construction logistics and urban missions and it combines IVECO?s best fuel-efficiency and safety technologies with the legendary off-road robustness of its toughest vehicles to deliver high productivity with best total cost of ownership

IVECO webThe Stralis X-WAY combines its advanced on-road technologies with the legendary chassis of IVECO?s off-road vehicles, which have become a benchmark for robustness in the industry. (Image source: IVECO)

The Stralis X-WAY raises the stakes in construction logistics and urban services missions with the biggest payload in its segment: its Super Loader version on an 8x4 chassis developed for concrete mixer applications weights in at less than 8,845kg, taking the customers? payload to new heights.

The new range takes the modular approach to the extreme, offering a choice of line-ups that can be tailored to match the exact requirements of every mission with no compromise. This is a key asset in a highly vocational sector where transformation is the rule rather than the exception, and where requirements vary from country to country: with its extreme flexibility, the Stralis X-WAY is able to provide the perfect answer to a vast range of very different missions ? from light tipper to concrete mixer.

Pierre Lahutte, IVECO brand president, stated, ?The Stralis X-WAY is the perfect truck for customers operating in the construction logistics and urban services sector. It stands out on the market for being designed specifically for this sector, with record modularity that enables us to match each customer?s mission exactly, without compromise. This ultimate flexibility comes with the outstanding TCO that results from the cutting edge technology we introduced in our TCO2 Champion, the STRALIS XP, plus winning features such as our Hi-Traction system for off-road capability.?

The Stralis X-WAY raises the stakes with its Super Loader version developed specifically for concrete mixer applications, which delivers the best payload in the industry. It was tested by independent certification body UTAC on an 8x4 chassis in running conditions and pulled by best-in-class nine-litre 400 hp engines.

This best-in-class kerb weight of 8,845kg was achieved through a number of design choices such as the redesign of the mechanical rear suspension, the chassis architecture and cross members optimisation, and the 400 hp IVECO Cursor 9 engine, new front ?1-leaf? and rear ?2-leaf? springs, 800-Nm PTO without clutch and optional aluminium rims and air tanks. The result is a robust vehicle our customers can rely on to deal with the driving conditions on a construction site while carrying the biggest payload in the construction logistics and urban services segment, then go on to deliver excellent fuel-efficiency, safety and comfort on the road.

The Stralis X-WAY integrates IVECO?s most advanced features for on-road missions and the proven fuel reduction technologies that have been shown to reduce fuel consumption by 11.2 per cent in the Stralis XP, as validated by leading technical service organisation T?V S?D. The completely redesigned driveline has taken performance and fuel efficiency to a new level. The patented Hi-SCR after-treatment system achieves a 97 per cent NOx-abatement level ? the highest in the market ? and requires no parked regeneration, reducing maintenance costs and maximising the vehicle?s time on the road. The best-in-class Hi-Tronix automated transmission is available in 12- and 16-speed versions. The HI-MUX electrical and electronic architecture enables all the fuel saving and safety functions. These include the state-of-the-art HI-CRUISE system that integrates driving assistance functions such as eco-roll, predictive gear shifting and predictive cruise control. Also included are the Smart Auxiliaries that minimise fuel usage in every situation. Other features, such as the disc brakes further contribute to lowering the TCO.

The Stralis X-WAY is available in three vehicle set-ups to match every customer need, depending on the amount of off-road that will be required for the vehicle: the On set up features all the Stralis on-road characteristics of best visibility and cab access, now available also on multi-axle versions; the Off set up matches all the high mobility performances needed to fully comply with off-road homologation. On+ is the intermediate set up for customers who require the most favourable mix of On- and Off-road operation.

The Stralis X-WAY combines its advanced on-road technologies with the legendary chassis of IVECO?s off-road vehicles, which have become a benchmark for robustness in the industry. It tackles with ease the off-road sections of its missions with features such as the new HI-TRACTION hydrostatic drive that provides additional hydraulic front-wheel traction when needed, improving the vehicle?s stability and the driver?s safety on difficult terrains.

The Stralis X-WAY?s modular approach extends to the cab, so that customers can choose the one that best matches their mission and the time that will be spent on the road: the AD (Active Day) short cab with low roof, AT (Active Time) sleeper cab with low or medium roof, and for ultimate comfort, the Hi-Way sleeper cab that won the ?Truck of the Year 2013? award and was designed around the driver for on-road long-haul missions. Drivers will be just as comfortable and safe on the longer on-road sections of their missions and on the shorter off-road drives when collecting or delivering a load on a job site.

Starting Q1 2018, new Stralis X-WAY will be available with the brand new MICHELIN X? MULTI? ENERGY? tyres, developed for transport operators covering a variety of missions. The new tyres offer the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the market1 with no compromise on other aspects of their performance, such as durability, safety, as well as regrooving and retreading capability.