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Volvo?s I-Shift truck sales up 112 per cent in Middle East last year

Truck driver Lehmber Singh has been driving I-Shift-equipped trucks in the UAE for two years. (Image source: Volvo)

Volvo has revealed how the I-Shift gearbox has positively impacted trucking in the Middle East

Launched in the region in 2006, the I-Shift transmission was first-of-its-kind to have been specifically designed for heavy long haulage and construction applications, achieving up to seven per cent fuel efficiency.

Swedish automobile manufacturers said that the technology has been constantly updated since its launch to ensure optimum performance, including by increasing the pulling capacity by up to 100 tonnes.

Truck driver Lehmber Singh, who has been working in the UAE for 10 years, said, ??For two years I have been driving Volvo trucks equipped with the Volvo I-Shift gearbox and this system gives me peace of mind as it looks after all of the gear shifting to allow me to focus more on the road.

?It also allows me to save fuel every month which has resulted in four awards as a good driver in the past two years.?

He continued to say that given the choice, he would never go back to a manual gearbox.

Volvo said that this enthusiasm is being reflected in their sales, with the numbers of I-Shift gearbox-equipped trucks in the region increasing by 112 per cent in 2014.

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