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Yango transforms delivery at LEAP 2024

Yango featured advanced navigation and weather-resistant performance at LEAP. (Image source: Yango)

Yango is looking to transform regional delivery services with autonomous last-mile solutions. Integrating AI and robotics, Yango has unveiled its delivery tech at the LEAP 2024 tech fair in Saudi Arabia 

The GCC market, ripe for innovation, sustainability, and logistics efficiency, offers Yango a promising landscape. Seeking local partnerships, Yango aims to adapt autonomous delivery tech for regional service expansion.

The company said it was committed to bridging global technologies with local communities. Yango also said it emphasises efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. The autonomous delivery concept showcased at LEAP 2024 featured advanced navigation, weather-resistant performance, and eco-friendly operations.

Key features:

Efficient navigation: Cutting-edge systems optimise delivery routes, reducing transit times.

Reliable performance: Engineered to withstand diverse conditions, ensuring secure and intact deliveries.

Sustainable operations: Fueled by clean energy, aligning with GCC's environmental commitment.

Yango's tech portfolio, exhibited at LEAP 2024, not only showcases autonomous delivery but also introduces Yango Play and the human-like AI assistant Yasmina. The company is known for its Yango ride-hailing, Yango Maps, Yango Delivery, and its innovative AI solutions.