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Daikin and OFPPT partner to develop skilled HVAC-R workforce in Morocco

Loubna Tricha and Tuna Gulenc. (Image source: Daikin)

Daikin Middle East and Africa, a company known for its air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and refrigeration solutions, has signed an MoU with the Moroccan Office of Vocational Training and Employment Promotion (OFPPT) to build a skilled HVAC-R workforce in Morocco.

In its operations across Africa, Daikin prioritises sustainability by providing energy-efficient inverter R32 products and enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ).

The OFPPT, Morocco's primary public vocational training entity, focuses on improving the efficiency of industry partners by training employees to meet market demands. The training programmes are designed to align with the qualification needs and requirements of the labour market.

As Africa undergoes significant transformation, it presents immense growth opportunities for global and local businesses. Daikin has leveraged its global expertise to establish a strong presence in Africa, collaborating with local dealers, distributors, and technicians. The company has invested in the region by setting up brand shops and training centres and making its latest innovations accessible. Through its partnership with OFPPT, Daikin aims to develop top-tier talent for Morocco's HVAC-R industry.

Creating new opportunities

Daikin and OFPPT will work together to enhance Morocco's "Refrigeration and Thermal Engineering (FGT)" programme by creating advanced training courses, updating curricula, and developing exchange programmes. Additionally, young graduates will be offered internship opportunities within Daikin's network of partners.

Tuna Gulenc, vice president at Daikin Middle East and Africa, said, “For Daikin, innovation is a part of our DNA and local citizenship is how we operate. After successfully establishing training centres with the right partners in Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire, we now wish to share our expertise in Morocco.

“Partnering with institutions like OFPPT is not just our go-to-market strategy to advance the HVAC-R after-sales service, but with their solid network and our shared vision, we will penetrate the Moroccan HVAC-R industry to promote sustainable cooling practices that can only be met by educating the local market and its users. With this partnership, we aim to build a new generation of highly skilled workforce for the HVAC-R industry and mark our significant contribution to the socio-economic development of Morocco.”

Loubna Tricha, general director of the OFPPT, said, “Today, we have entered into a partnership with Daikin, a global leader in refrigeration and air conditioning, to develop professional training in these fields both in Morocco and Africa. This partnership will allow us to expand our training offerings through the introduction of new courses targeting emerging professions in the sector.

“It will also strengthen our collaboration in engineering to design advanced training programmes that incorporate the latest technological innovations and professional practices. The partnership between the OFPPT and Daikin will also provide us with the opportunity to enhance our teaching staff in newly identified disciplines and associated technologies through dedicated technical training sessions and immersive internships.”