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Al Masaood showcases SHAMS+ Charge

Al Masaood Power presents SHAMS+ Charge at MENA EV Show, advancing sustainable mobility in the UAE. (Image source: Al Masaood Power

Al Masaood Power Division, part of the Al Masaood Group, one of Abu Dhabi’s leading business conglomerates, participated in the Middle East North Africa Electric Vehicle show held on September 27 and 28 at Radisson Red, Dubai Silicon Oasis  

The highlight of the division's showcase was the SHAMS+ Charge 3D mock-up, an innovative charging solution for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid marine vessels, proudly manufactured in the UAE.

SHAMS+ Charge enables fast and sustainable battery charging using solar energy, with a network of charging stations serving the automotive and maritime sectors. The solution was equipped with smart features to ensure stable charging and could be installed cordlessly for maximum convenience and flexibility in various locations, including agricultural areas and marine ports.

Rasso Bartenschlager, general manager of Al Masaood Power, said, "At Al Masaood Power, we were committed to leading the way towards a sustainable future in the UAE. SHAMS+ Charge not only reaffirmed our dedication to promoting electric and green mobility but also supported the ambitious clean energy goals of the UAE. This unique and pioneering solution aimed to enhance connectivity and deliver a seamless plug-and-charge experience, contributing to the wider adoption of electric vehicles and marine vessels in the region."

SHAMS+ Charge encapsulated Al Masaood Power Division's commitment to decarbonising industries as well as contributed to the UAE's clean energy transition. The off-grid charging solution transformed EV charging by utilising solar power from Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), serving the construction, industrial, and maritime sectors with its scalable and flexible technology.

"The UAE was witnessing a transformative shift towards electric vehicle adoption, driven by extensive government support and a collective drive for sustainable transportation solutions. As the first fully manufactured charging solution in the UAE, SHAMS+ Charge aligned with the UAE Net Zero 2050 strategic initiative to fast-track the transition to a cleaner and greener transportation infrastructure," added Bartenschlager.

Al Masaood Power Division's presence at the Middle East North Africa Electric Vehicle Show 2023 allowed attendees to explore the SHAMS+ Charge 3D mock-up and gain insights into its advanced features, which play a pivotal role in fostering a greener and more sustainable mobility landscape.

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