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Honeywell introduces game-changing tech for warehouses, maximising worker efficiency

Honeywell develops and deploys an innovative range of digital tools to help empower warehouse workers amidst growing e-commerce demands. (Image source: Honeywell)

Honeywell, the global technology leader, has revealed the latest trends for warehouses across the region with increased demands for efficiencies bolstering technology adoption and growing the e-commerce sector 

Warehouse trends and growth in e-commerce

In the Middle East, there is an increasing demand for efficiency in warehouses to ensure workers are fast and effective in distribution. Warehouses are integral for retail and serving digital converts, with around nine out of ten customers in the region intending to continue buying online since the pandemic.

The market for e-commerce is buoyant and remains focused on fulfilling customer demands for convenience. This has created a need for innovative tools and insights to manage the pace and scale of the growth being witnessed across industries. A recent report revealed that the MENA region’s total e-commerce market size reached US$37 billion in 2022, with a double-digit growth rate from 2021 and a 32% compound annual growth rate over the 2018 - 2022 period.

Advanced technology to address challenges

Digitalisation is enabling warehouse operations to become smarter, less error-prone and more predictable. Honeywell mobile solutions for transport, logistics and warehousing empower workers to better perform their day-to-day tasks and enhance people’s skills and processes to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy and employee experiences.

“Digital transformation is key to keeping ahead of rapidly increasing market demands and to remain resilient amidst unpredictable supply chains. The pressure to increase levels of efficiency and productivity has never been greater in distribution and fulfillment operations, and digitalisation is a key factor to deal with today’s challenges and prepare for the future. In that space and beyond, Honeywell supports retailers and e-commerce companies by ensuring warehouse operators can improve performance through upskilled and a more productive workforce,” said Minda Xu, vice-president and general manager, high growth regions, safety and productivity solutions (SPS) at Honeywell.

Digitalisation of the warehouse

Through intelligent, data driven and automated processes, Honeywell’s portfolio of mobile devices enables the digital transformation of a warehouse to increase reliability and maximise productivity for efficient supply chains. Advanced Honeywell solutions are helping solve current warehouse challenges and enabling faster order fulfilment. Two examples of such solutions include the CT47 Handheld Computer and the CW45 Wearable Computer.

The CT47 is an all-purpose mobile device designed to provide 5G data connectivity and communications for workers in both indoor and outdoor warehouse environments. By connecting mobile computers to 5G networks, workers can experience significant improvements in productivity and efficiency, including faster data transfer speeds, better reliability for devices to remain online throughout the entirety of workers’ shifts, and the ability to have more assets connected to the same network at once.

Comfortable, powerful, and easy to use, the CW45 brings the power and durability of Honeywell mobile computing into a compact, ergonomic, wearable device. It helps streamline common tasks that previously required users to juggle handheld devices with the goods they are processing, leaving both hands free to accomplish their tasks like picking and packing, stocking and assembly, eliminating wasted motion and increasing productivity.

Digitalisation of the warehouse is integral to achieving significant improvements in efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Honeywell develops and deploys an innovative range of digital tools to help empower warehouse workers amidst growing e-commerce demands.