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QIB launches Qatar?s first digital credit card

The new digital credit card comes with the highest levels of security and encryption, offering a safe and convenient way to pay online. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) has announced the launch of the first ever Digital Credit Card in Qatar, available on QIB?s award-winning mobile app

The innovative new product will enhance customers? experience, as they will be able to instantly issue their card, use it for online shopping and add it to their Apple wallet without the need to have a physical card.

The digital card is available to all eligible customers, to apply and obtain approval instantly through the QIB Mobile App. The digital card will be available in real-time for customers to view and use for their e-commerce transactions with card details like the 16-digit card number, expiry date and CVV, being visible to the cardholder in a unique and secure way. The digital card can also be added to Apple Pay instantly to be used either at point of sale (POS) terminals in physical shops or for e-commerce transactions.

To celebrate the launch of the new Digital Credit Card, QIB will offer customers 10,000 aonus Absher points upon using the new card for the first time. 

The Digital Credit Card?s launch is part of QIB?s long-term digitalisation strategy and is in line with the high interest for online shopping witnessed in Qatar. The digital card, free of any issuance fees, will offer customers a host of benefits, including instant activation and usage, as well as Absher Reward Points for every transaction. It also saves users the hassle of receiving and storing the physical cards, eco-friendly payment solution, as it is stored digitally in the QIB Mobile App, with all details stored securely on the app.

QIB said that the new digital credit card comes with the highest levels of security and encryption, offering a safe and convenient way to pay online and in-store using Apple Pay. Furthermore, the Digital Card allows its cardholders to stay in control, with the ability to activate or deactivate it from their mobile at any time.

Commenting on the launch of the Digital Credit Card product, D Anand, general manager, personal banking group, said, ?We are proud to be the first bank in Qatar to launch this innovative product to our customers. This digital credit card will offer an unprecedented digital payment solution, allowing QIB customers to benefit from easy access and seamless use of the card while having the peace of mind of enjoying complete control over the card, offering an unparalleled banking, and purchasing experience.?

?This is the latest initiative in our efforts to introduce innovative, compelling digital products to stay at the forefront of the digital banking scene. As the leading digital Bank in Qatar, we will continue our efforts to reach out to more customers as well as strengthening our relationship with our existing clients whilst striving to elevate their banking experience,? continued D Anand 

The all new QIB Mobile App features easy-to-use english and arabic interfaces, secure and smart biometric login, self-registration, smart shortcuts, and a combo navigation panel that allows customers to find all the offered products and services in simple steps and get the help they need quickly within the App for a seamless and intuitive customised experience. All transactions can now be completed within a few steps and customers will reap the benefits of the advanced and secured data systems to avoid filling or re-entering pre-registered information.