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Mecc Alte introduces TheONE: a streamlined solution for sourcing genset components

Mecc Alte has provided information about TheONE, their new solution designed to simplify the sourcing of alternator, battery, and controller components for hybrid or industrial gensets. TheONE includes tailored options such as The Industrial One, The Hybrid One, The Rental One, and The Marine One, each designed to enhance efficiency and support various applications, from industrial settings to marine environments. Read more from Mecc Alte: 

We’ve taken the hard work out of complex sourcing for alternator, battery and controller components for your hybrid or industrial gensets.

With TheONE, you get high grade, precision-engineered, smart components that are proven worldwide – complete with access to smart link integration - through a single-source.

Instead of juggling different suppliers, multiple lead times and processing tons of paperwork, TheONE from Mecc Alte gets it all done in one easy order.

To make ordering even easier, you can choose from a range of options designed for specific types of application:

The Industrial One: A choice of 4-pole alternators from our reliable, high quality range of options that are all proven in practice in lots of different climates and applications worldwide. You also get a high output to weight ratio, class H insulation, really easy servicing access, superb voltage accuracy, and digital regulation. All as standard.

The Hybrid One: Hybrid solutions that combine renewable energy sources with battery storage are increasingly the norm. The Hybrid One from Mecc Alte uses proven technologies to make integrated hybrid solutions easier to achieve, particularly in remote sites or in applications such as telecoms BTS, mining sites, remote agricultural locations, construction and infrastructure sites, military and marine applications, and many other operations.

The Rental One: Solutions designed for the rental market. Which means they’re designed to work reliably in harsh environments, such as high dust applications including quarries, oil and gas projects, and many other locations where rental equipment is commonly used.

The Marine One: The combination of sea, salt, wind, wide ranging temperatures make it a tough world for alternators, batteries, controllers and other key components. Mecc Alte’s Marine One solutions offer everything you need all from a single source.
All of which makes it easier for you to innovate, create new opportunities, and bring product to market more quickly. Whatever you’re looking for, Mecc Alte has TheONE you need.