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Emirates Steel's Mussafah Facility to use CCS

Masdar and ADNOC have agreed to go head with a CCUS facility to be built adjacent to Emirates Steel complex, Mussafah.

Masdar Carbon and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) have agreed to go head with a carbon capture (usage and storage) facility to be built adjacent to Emirates Steel complex at Mussafah.

Long-term programme

Both companies have now commenced drafting Head of Terms (HoT) to govern future detailed delivery agreements. The Emirates Steel project will be the first in an ambitious long-term CCUS programme between Masdar Carbon and Adnoc.

Masdar intends to issue requests for proposal (RFP) for the carbon capture usage and storage facility that will capture nearly 800,000 tonnes per annum CO2-rich stream, prior to emission from the Emirates Steel Phase 1 and Phase 2 lines.

For enhanced oil recovery

The carbon capture facility is part of the collaboration between Masdar and ADNOC to explore feasibility of joint projects to reduce the carbon footprint of the emirate and make available CO2 for potential enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations in the future.

98 per cent purity

The CO2 feed stream from the Emirates Steel plant, containing 90 per cent CO2, will be transferred to a common compression and dehydration facility at the project site in Mussafah. The feed stream will be compressed into dense phase; delivering a CO2 stream of over 98 per cent purity, through 50km of the pipeline network, to be injected in an onshore field, operated by ADCO.