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Three challenges the manufacturing industry can overcome

Vibhu Kapoor, Epicor’s regional vice president for MEA and India. (Image source: Epicor)

Vibhu Kapoor, Epicor’s regional vice president for MEA and India, suggests some solutions for the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector


Production quotas


Hitting targets has become the number-one challenge for manufacturing leaders. To move beyond this issue, managers must probe for the source of the failure by asking why the targets are not Data is crucial. Is the data up to date and accurate, and is it actionable? Does your data allow you to plan ahead? Data points must come from right across the production process. As failure points emerge, factories can leverage such insights to improve processes, reduce downtime, and increase throughput. 




The Arab Gulf is home to a rich array of cultures and a young demographic. This diversity represents a challenge in managing teams effectively. Leaders must create an inspiring work environment for everyone. Our research suggests that a flexible schedule and more paid leave are great starting points. 


Safety and compliance


Safety at work is not an optional extra. In manufacturing, the risks of injury or death are greater than most sectors.  Staff awareness is the first step towards a safer workplace. It may mean hours of training, and the introduction of new methods of tracking. Training updates should be frequent, and remedial refresher courses should be offered where necessary.