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WEG to unveil latest products at Middle East Energy

The W23 Sync + motor by WEG. (Image source: WEG)

Industrial equipment manufacturer WEG is exhibiting a range of products at Middle East Energy, taking place from 16-18 April this year

WEG is showcasing its alternator range and introducing the W23 Sync+ motor to the region — a new motor range boasting the highest efficiency rating on the market.

Additionally, WEG will showcase drives from the newly inaugurated WEG Automation Europe business unit.

Products from the GTA and AG10 alternator lines are all equipped with the WEG IPMG auxiliary winding, allowing for a short-circuit condition of up to three times the full load current for ten seconds, positioning these models against premium competitors in the market.

All WEG alternators also feature a damper winding as standard and are furnished with permanent magnet inserts in the Exciter stator. This ensures guaranteed excitation on startup and eliminates reliance on residual magnetism — this feature is an optional extra among competitors, but comes as standard from WEG.

"Similar to WEG's motor ranges, our alternators undergo a vertical manufacturing process," said Manoj Kakaya, sales manager for the alternator business, high voltage solutions for Europe and the Middle East at WEG. "We manufacture our own varnish, wires, enamels, castings and other components, ensuring the highest manufacturing standards. This also enhances our delivery times, as we are not reliant on external sources and third parties."

In addition to alternators, WEG will present a selection of motors at the event, including the newly launched W23 Sync+ and W23 Sync+ ULTRA. Featuring cutting-edge technology, this new family of electric motors boasts the highest efficiency rating on the market, with W23 Sync+ motors achieving the European standard ultra-premium IE5 rating and the W23 Sync+ ULTRA reaching IE6.

"The W23 Sync+ range represents a significant advancement in energy efficiency," said Marek Lukaszczyk, marketing manager for Europe and the Middle East at WEG. "High-efficiency motors play a crucial role in reducing emissions and achieving decarbonisation goals. For businesses aiming to enhance their efficiency and sustainability, IE6-rated motors can make a substantial difference."