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Leading change in the crushing industry

Omega Crushing and Screening machines have the ability to start the crushing chamber while the material is inside. (Image source: Omega Crushing and Screening)

Anthony Carlin of Omega Crushing and Screening discusses the unique design and quality of machinery developed by the company

How is Omega Crushing and Screening differentiated from the competition?

Omega Crushing and Screening, based in Northern Ireland, the hub of innovations for Mobile Crushing and Screening, has been in operation for more than five years. We specialise in developing mobile Crushing and Screening machines with unique designs that focus on being simple and easy to operate.  In a quarry, for instance, the operators are not familiar with complicated computer screens and settings.  That is the reason we look at easy to use operating systems for our machines. We have tried to reduce the use of sensors and go back to the traditional control panel. With several years of prior experience worldwide in the Crushing and Screening industry, our directors and owners have the right variety of expertise in developing and operating the machines. Our machines have a dual power option ? the fully electric option as well as the diesel electric range. So we provide a much cleaner way of crushing and the performance is not affected by changes in climate. Our machines are silent when running, so they are good for the urban environment and residential areas, too. No harmful gases are emitted when plugged into electric, so the machines are completely compatible for using indoors, as well.  

How important is digitalisation to Omega? 

We invest in a lot of modern technology, and the machines have it installed in them. However, the operator does not need to engage with it on a day to day basis. For example, our machines have the ability to start the crushing chamber while the material is inside. That is a relatively uncommon feature in electrically driven plants but it?s a key feature that people like to have. The operators do not need to get involved in that but they still have access to it since its installed in the machine. 

What plans do you have for the Middle East region? 

Ours is a young company.  We are hoping to expand in the Middle East and are looking for partners. 

Anthony Carlin

What is the support that Omega provides to its customers for service? 

We are a small company so we are agile in approach and respond to client requirements quickly and make decisions swiftly. We pride ourselves on service. The electrical system we use is similar to what is used in the local hospital or school. So, local technicians who are familiar with the system can respond to the issue immediately and they can be already troubleshooting any problems with the machine. 

What is the latest product offering from Omega and how is it different from the earlier models? What else is different about your machines? 

The J1065M track jaw crusher with diesel as well as electric power options is ready to launch. We modernised the wheel crusher and integrated modern technology. The machine offers great efficiency in terms of fuel consumption. The capability of 200250 tonnes per hour output combined with efficient fuel consumption offers low cost per tonne. We would like to look at using hydrogen, as well, as an alternative to power machines.