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DSS - mining reclaimer. (Image source: DSS)

DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) has acquired the assets of Lodestone Partners, a global consulting firm recognised for helping companies in the resource industry achieve sustainable improvements in operating performance

The environmental benefits of TOMRA?s XRT solution were also an important factor in P2E Consulting?s choice of technology. (Image source: TOMRA)

TOMRA?s X-Ray Transmission (XRT) sensor-based ore sorting has proved effective in mining operations for a variety of minerals, including chrome

TOMRA technologies provided a low-cost and efficient means of recovering coarse diamonds without inefficiency and without causing diamond breakage. (Image source: TOMRA)

TOMRA?s x-ray transmission (XRT) and near-infrared (NIR) technologies have helped to achieve ultra-high diamond recovery rates with limited infrastructure

MINSUR SA is a Peruvian mining company, part of the Breca Group of Companies that owns and runs the largest underground tin mining operation in the world. (Image source: TOMRA)

TOMRA?s XRT sensor-based ore sorting technology improves productivity and extends life of San Rafael tin mine

TOMRA Mining USA Seminary. (Image source: TOMRA)

TOMRA?s seminar on sustainable mining solutions and sensor-based sorting addresses major challenges of the mining industry, including increasing pressure to be more financially streamlined and radically more efficient, while addressing environmental and sustainability concerns

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