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Volvo Autonomous Solutions partners with Foretellix

Volvo Autonomous Solutions has partnered with verification experts Foretellix to jointly address the challenges of large-scale verification of autonomous driving solutions on highways and confined areas, such as mines

The partnership aims to create a coverage driven verification solution for autonomous driving solutions operating on both public roads and in confined areas. The solution will enable massive scale testing of millions of different scenarios, which will validate autonomous vehicles and machines dealing with situations they might encounter within their specified operational design domain (ODD).

The partnership will focus on providing high levels of safety and productivity of Volvo Autonomous Solution vehicles and machines. The ability of the solution to orchestrate large scale simulation and conduct the big data analysis required will lead to a substantial reduction in costs and time to market, ensuring faster operational readiness and the ability to safely scale up the system across multiple sites and ODDs.

Intelligent automation and analytics tools

Foretellix is a pioneer in the commercialisation of coverage-driven methodologies for automated driving systems verification. Foretellix developed a novel verification platform that uses intelligent automation and big data analytics tools that coordinate and monitor millions of driving scenarios, to expose bugs and edge cases, including the most extreme cases.   

Volvo Autonomous Solutions will jointly adapt Foretellix?s verification system for both highways and confined area applications, such as mines and quarries.

Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Foretellix will use the open measurable scenario description language (M-SDL) created by Foretellix. M-SDL simplifies the capture, reuse and sharing of scenarios, and can specify any mix of scenarios and operating conditions, to identify previously unknown hazards.  

?Volvo Autonomous Solutions believes in a collaborative verification concept, one that uses open standards,? said Magnus Liljeqvist, global technology manager Volvo Autonomous Solutions. ?The partnership with Foretellix gives us access to verification tools and accelerating our time to market.?

?This partnership is a significant milestone for the industry as it is the first time that large scale coverage driven verification will be used for verification of ADS in confined areas. Our partnership will combine the expertise of the two companies and set a new standard in the verification of automated driving systems, boosting both safety and productivity,? said Ziv Binyamini, CEO and co-founder of Foretellix.

In 2020 both companies conducted a successful pre-study that evaluated the Foretellix portfolio and its potential value in confined areas.