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TOMRA's diamond microsite solution provides tailored solutions to customers

TOMRA Sorting Mining opens access to comprehensive technical information in new diamond microsite

TOMRA?s approach in developing its new diamond microsite is in line with the company?s holistic approach to supporting its customers: by opening easy access to comprehensive technical information, it enables diamond producers to understand the possibilities offered by its recovery solutions, how they would fit within their operations, and how they would be adding value.

?We want to allow our potential clients and end-users better access to all of our technical information so that they can understand our solutions and best implement them,? stated Ryan Szabo, sales and project manager diamonds at TOMRA Mining.  

The microsite?s Homepage opens with a clear statement of TOMRA?s promise to diamond producers ? 100% detection in the specified range, irrespective of luminescence profile or coating, and a guaranteed diamond recovery greater than 99%. 

Scrolling down, viewers can see at a glance the stages of the process where TOMRA sorters can add value: 

Concentration with its XRT sorters and Pre-concentration with its Color and Near Infrared (NIR) solutions ? and they will discover that a solution for Final Recovery will soon be available. This will be an industry first: XRT recovery technology down to the size of a two mm rough diamond, which will deliver concentration factors up to one million with a much-reduced number of concentration stages. 

In the Applications section of the microsite, a flowsheet shows where the different TOMRA machines fit in the recovery process and how they add value. Further detail is provided in animations of process flow diagrams in Kimberlite, Alluvial batch fed and Alluvial continuous feed applications. ?With these flowsheets we want to help our customers to navigate and understand where the equipment goes,? added Ryan Szabo.

Open access to detailed product information 

The product page provides detailed technical information ? product sheets, General Arrangement drawings and 3D CAD drawings. Customers can even download a 3D model and place it in their plant?s 3D drawings to see exactly how it would fit, what it would change in their set-up and how.

These plans aim to offer tailored solutions to match client requirements and protect their investment. The Service section includes information about TOMRA Insight, the cloud-based solution that turns the customer?s sorters into connected devices and provides secure, real-time monitoring.