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Efficient energy transmission solutions by Mosdorfer

In the Middle East, Mosdorfer has completed more than 300 reference projects. (Image source: Mosdorfer)

Mosdorfer highlights its 75 years of pioneering energy transmission solutions, and looks towards its future in the Middle East:

For 75 years, the Austrian company Mosdorfer has been a pioneer in sustainable solutions for power transmission and distribution. In 1949, Mosdorfer supplied the first fittings for the 220 kV overhead transmission line between Kaprun and Ernsthofen in Austria. Since then, Mosdorfer has been synonymous with innovation and reliability in overhead line fittings and has been involved in major milestones around the world.

In the Middle East, Mosdorfer has completed more than 300 reference projects. Over the last 46 years, we have supplied customers in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia with fittings from 33 to 400 kV for all types of insulators and conductors. Approximately 1 million spacer dampers of various types have been installed in the GCC countries.

Durable fittings

With extensive experience in mechanical and electrical design, we have developed fittings and damping systems for the highest voltage levels, ensuring safe power transmission over long distances. Our products are designed to withstand harsh environments, including highly polluted areas, due to advanced materials and coatings.

The Middle East is a rapidly developing market for electrical infrastructure, and we are playing a key role in this transformation. Our products support High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology for superior efficiency and reduced right of way requirements, essential for long-distance interconnections and regional energy stability. Our stainless-steel fittings ensure longevity and low maintenance, with exceptional performance over a wide temperature range.

Focus on sustainable energy

As the world moves towards decarbonisation, our focus on dynamic line rating and advanced grid monitoring with our Gridpulse system ensures optimal utilisation of transmission line capacity, supporting efficient energy transmission and reducing carbon footprints. We remain committed to supporting our customers with innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the energy sector.