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Fuelre4m highlights its efficient fuel technology

Users can expect 15% to 20% reduction in fuel consumption. (Image source: Canva)

Fuelre4m (Fuel Reform) is a company dedicated to creating more efficient fuels. Its product range, re4mx (Reform Mix) is a completely organic, fossil fuel reforming nano-biotechnology that enhances the combustion process in engines

By breaking down impurities and complex hydrocarbons in liquid fossil fuels, the technology ensures a more efficient and cleaner burn, resulting in increased power output, lower fuel consumption, and a significant reduction in harmful emissions.

According to the company, users can expect 15% to 20% reduction in fuel consumption. With lower fuel consumption, Fuelre4m says it can ensure that companies can achieve substantial cost savings on their fuel expenses, potentially generating increased budgets for other sustainability initiatives.

Massive reduction in emissions

Additionally, the company’s products may help reduce NO, NO2, NOx, CO, SO, SO2 at least 40%, and up to 80%.

According to Rob Mortimer, managing director of Fuelre4m, “We have successfully concluded proof of concept deployments in a range of applications from super tankers transiting the globe to container terminals and quarries and mines. Our message is simple: if you have to combust fossil fuels for power, make sure you're using as little as possible to generate the same power, saving fuel and reducing the creation of emissions, CO2, and GHGs”.

Mortimer added, “The way we use technology to prove results is another USP of the organisation. We do not rely on averages; we insist on accurate data.”

New fuel technology can potentially benefit industries that heavily rely on fossil fuels, including ports, maritime and shipping, power generation, rail, and public transport.