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5 Minutes With: Okan Kizilirmak, regional director, Aksa Group

Technical Review Middle East (TRME) caught up with Okan Kizilirmak, regional director, Aksa Group, during the World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi. Kizilirmak discussed the company?s strategies and expansion plans 

Please tell us more about your company?s products.

We are an energy holding and Aksa Power Generation is one of the most important companies of our group. We manufacture power generators - gasoline, diesel, marine and natural gas - producing up to 3000 kVA as a single unit. We have manufacturing units in three regions: the Far East, Istanbul and the USA.

We always work with well-known brands and have Aksa branded engines and alternators as well.

Aksa generators increases its investments continuously in technology to remain the pioneer of change by manufacturing sound-proof, environment-friendly generators with lower fuel consumption.

Please elaborate on Aksa?s plans for the African market.

We will continue to strengthen and expand our operations in the African markets, offering solutions with both power plants and generators. We set up power plants in Ghana, Madagaskar and Mali and have investments in South Africa, Algeria, Kenya and Ghana for generator business. Our main areas of focus will continue to be Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Aksa has been supplying a range of power generation products for the GCC and Middle East markets. How is the region significant you?re your business?

The GCC and larger Middle East is an important market for our company.  We are a Turkish company and we understand the business logic of the Middle East region well. We have solid investment in the Middle East and are looking forward to strengthen our presence in the region. We opened an office 16 years ago in Dubai, from where we have been successfully supporting the entire GCC region and East Africa. As the hub of the Middle East, we are able to provide ready stock and all kind of aftersales support to our customers with utmost satisfaction. Aksa has a strong presence in other parts of the region as well. For instance, we have had great partnerships with Kanoo Power Solutions in Bahrain and Saudi Technic Energy in Saudi Arabia for many years.

What are some of the latest innovations from Aksa? How are they suitable for the GCC region?

The hybrid generators combining high-quality power and effectiveness with tailored energy storage systems integrate the use of renewable energy sources with profitability. Aksa has always strived to best understand the industry needs and propose creative solutions for them.

Aksa Power Generation's hybrid generators achieve savings and longer maintenance frequency while generating energy. We strive to always produce innovative, economic and environment-friendly solutions for our customers with our R&D investments. Our flexibility and right engineering have made it possible to make available the right products suitable to diverse areas - some dusty, some hot and some cold.

What are the future strategies for Aksa?

We will continue on the path of constant improvement. With our understanding of quality and the vision of our management, we hope to position ourselves in the best possible way, for the future. Our management has a very hands-on approach and we are constantly trying to enhance quality and making increasing investments to offer the right products and flexibility. Additionally, a multicultural team makes continuous efforts to provide excellent before as well as after-sales service. In Aksa Power Generation, we hope to maintain our growth with high-quality products and services aimed to optimise satisfaction for the customers.