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Cummins Power Generation launches new gensets with higher horsepower

Cummins Power Generation?s new 3.5 MW high-horsepower generator set. (Image source: Cummins Power Generation)

Cummins Power Generation?s new QSK95 Series generators are its most powerful diesel sets to date, offering up to 3.5MW 60Hz and 3.75 MVA 50Hz

According to the company, they are engineered with the highest kilowatt per square foot ratio in their class that results in a smaller footprint that achieves a 20 per cent improvement in power density.

The QSK95 Series generator sets are ideally suited for mining, oil and gas, including any project where harsh conditions, challenging environments and the demand for reliable, continuous remote power exist.

The gensets include an innovative fuel injection system, fewer maintenance requirements, longer service intervals and 25,000 hours to major overhaul make these generator sets ideal for prime power applications.

Tony Satterthwaite, president of Cummins Power Generation, said, ?With the introduction of the QSK95 Series, we?re affirming Cummins Power Generation?s commitment to providing innovative, cost-effective and reliable power solutions.

?The QSK95 Series produces up to 3.5MW of power, occupying less floor space than lower-rated generator sets. They are designed to lower the total cost of ownership by reducing installation expenses, fuel costs and maintenance requirements.?

The QSK95 Series generator sets are also engineered to deliver reliable, mission critical power protection without interruption ? an uptime requirement shared by data centres, hospitals, water and wastewater treatment plants and utilities. The generator sets accept 100 per cent of rated load in a single step, and are ready to accept facility load in less than 10 seconds. With a smaller footprint, the QSK95 Series requires less space to install, and, in multiple-generator set applications, fewer generators are required to achieve the necessary power output.

Cummins Power Generation also offers a data center continuous (DCC) rating specifically tailored for data centre requirements. DCC places no limitation on the number of generator set operating hours and pre-approves the QSK95 Series for the Uptime Institute?s Tier III and Tier IV data centre site certifications.

Other features include
? Reduced operating cost with long maintenance intervals, such as three-year or 1,000-hour oil and filter change intervals
? Low temperature after-cooling optimises radiator package sizing and contributes to the generator?s smaller footprint
? Condition-based maintenance sensors monitor air and fuel filter restrictions and prompt filter changes only when required
? Single shaft, dual element cooling pump that minimizes potential leaks and failures while improving efficiencies
? Positive flow circulating pump in the coolant heater enables even heating throughout the engine block for faster and more reliable starts
? Oil cooler that provides access to the thermostat without lifting the engine
? Mounting rail design allows the alternator to slide back on the chassis without having to lift it
? Larger, accessible engine hand holes facilitate cylinder block access without dropping the oil pan

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