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FPT Industrial solutions to drive Teksan Generators

Teksan Generator has selected FPT Industrial for a long-term partnership to supply it with the full FPT Industrial Power Generation G-Drive line-up

According to the Turkish company, it decided to go with FPT Industrial due to the benefits that come from the great know-how the latter has acquired over its long experience in the market. This has resulted in an offering of products that are efficient, reliable, and able to deliver high performance while maintaining low operating costs.

Teksan Generator will receive Unregulated, Stage II and Stage IIIA/Tier 3 compliant G-Drive engines to fulfil a complete power demand. FPT Industrial?s G-Drive covers a power range from 30kVA to 600kVA, spread between seven models: S8000, F32, N45, N67, Cursor 9, Cursor 13 and Cursor 16. These variants respond to every need, since they offer a displacement from 2.9 to 15.9 litres and many power rates.

The S8000 delivers an output of 30kVA, has a low cost of ownership and is a reliable solution for all emergency and prime power applications.

The NEF family will provide Teksan with two different G-Drive models. FPT Industrial will supply the Turkish company with both the N45, which has five different power ranges and a displacement of 4.5 litres ? and the N67, whose power range goes from 130kVA to 250kVA.

This latest version (N67 250 kVA) is also best-in-class for G-Drive packaging, load acceptance and fuel consumption.

As for the Cursor, the displacement varies from 8.7 to 16 litres, while the power has a range between 300kVA and 600kVA. These G-Drive engines also have best-in-class perks: the Cursor 9 300kVA is best-in-class for oil service intervals (up to 600 hours) and width (two per cent less than competitors? average), while the Cursor 16 600kVA ? which is also the most compact G-Drive on the market - is best-in-class for fuel consumption, service intervals and reduced noise.

All these products ? the unregulated, the Stage II and Stage IIIA/Tier 3 compliant ? have great benefits: compared to other premium brands, FPT Industrial?s fuel savings are up to five per cent in the unregulated models and between two per cent and 16 per cent in the emission ones, while the maintenance intervals are up to 300 hours (Unregulated) and up to 100 hours (Stage IIIA/Tier 3) more than market?s average. Moreover, FPT Industrial G-Drive engines have a switch-ability pack that allows customers to change from 1.5 rpm to 1.8 rpm depending on their requests (50Hz or 60Hz).

Thanks to its experience, engineering know-how along with its wide distribution network, Teksan Generator, a leading engineering company headquartered in Istanbul, has been delivering tailor-made power solutions since 1994. Teksan now powers construction sites, telecommunication projects, hotels, hospitals, industrial plants, research centres, shopping malls, residential buildings, sports centres and many other projects in more than 120 countries through its internationally certified quality diesel and gas-driven generator sets, cogeneration-trigeneration solutions, mobile lighting towers as well as hybrid power systems.