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Latest solutions from Newhaven Display

The display is available in two variants: standard or with a built-in capacitive touchscreen. (Image source TME)

Transfer Multisort Elektronik, which provides electronic parts and components, highlights its newest display solutions

2.7” OLED touchscreen displays

A new series of graphic OLED displays includes 2.7” modules featuring 128x64 pixel resolution. They are equipped with a factory-installed capacitive touchscreen. As multipurpose products, they can be connected to a control system via a 20-pin flexible flat cable (FFC) or a 20-pin socket.

In both cases, the user can construct devices that are capable of communication through a parallel or serial peripheral interface (SPI), compliant with e.g. Arduino modules, as well as almost all, even the least advanced, models of modern microcontrollers. The maximum image contrast ratio reaches up to 10000:1 and is programmable.

The capacitive touchscreen boasts an incredibly short response time and can detect up to 5 points of contact simultaneously. While designing the module, the manufacturer made sure to reduce the emissions and impact of electromagnetic interference (EMI). The products are mainly intended for industrial control panels, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, smart devices, etc.

3.5" TFT displays with an MIPI interface

When it comes to compact TFT displays, the 3.5" display size has become a standard. There are many variants of these modules available on the market, however, the solutions from Newhaven Display offer a number of significant features which are not commonly exhibited by other products.

Above all, the displays are made with the use of the IPS TFT technology, which allows for a shorter response time, higher contrast and a wider viewing angle while displaying more accurate colours. It is also important to mention the resolution of the displays, which is as high as 640x480 pixels. All of these features guarantee that the image is sharp and of exceptional quality.

The main difference between the old and the new products offered by the supplier involves the implementation of the MIPI DSI bus, which is a new and fast interface used for communication with microcontroller systems. The standard was designed with these exact display modules in mind. It uses four data lanes for fast transmission of data to the display, ensuring high refresh rate. Thanks to this, the users can enjoy smoother animations, deeper colours and improved comfort of use.

The display is available in two variants: standard or with a built-in capacitive touchscreen. The products are intended for demanding applications, medical and industrial equipment and multimedia devices such as video game consoles (e.g. for retrogaming) based on SoC circuits or single-board computers.