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Four nuclear energy plants to be built in the UAE

The UAE?s nuclear energy chief has confirmed that four nuclear energy plants will be constructed at the Barakah nuclear power plant complex in Abu Dhabi

According to Gulf News, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) CEO Mohammad al Hammadi detailed the construction plans at the recent inauguration of the Emirates Project Management Academy (EPMA) in Abu Dhabi.

Al Hammadi said, ?The first plant is scheduled to commence operations in 2017, pending further regulatory approvals. The peaceful nuclear energy programme is a long-term project that will create a new industry for the nation. This means thousands of jobs and the creation of a support industry that will require certified and experienced project managers to deliver.?

During the inauguration, al Hammadi also estimated the net worth of the UAE?s infrastructure projects to be around US$690bn, Gulf News reported.

?The UAE is considered as one of the world?s most rapidly growing economies with some complex and large-scale projects under construction. The rapid expansion of the UAE requires more projects and qualified workforce, especially project managers,? said al Hammadi.

Al Hammadi added that only 0.78 per cent of all certified project managers in the world are based in the UAE and the EPMA?s mandate is to develop good project management practices across the UAE.