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Perkins engine: Performance under pressure

The pressure inside the cylinder is 150 to 155 bar which is the same pressure experienced at 1,500 metres under the ocean. (Image source: Perkins)

A diesel engine creates, contains and harnesses immense internal forces to power many of the machines that make modern life possible

Performance Under Pressure, a series of short-animated videos from Perkins, provides a unique look into what goes on inside a typical 4.4 litre Perkins engine and why it is so important to protect the critical components with genuine Perkins products designed by the engineers who know exactly what is needed. 

Starting in the combustion chamber, the pressure exerted on the piston crown is equal to 13 tonnes, or roughly a dozen typical automobiles. The pressure inside the cylinder is 150 to 155 bar which is the same pressure experienced at 1,500 metres under the ocean. All of that force is transmitted via the connecting rod to the crankshaft 750 times a minute. 

That is why Perkins? crankshafts are built to withstand massive and sustained pressures, and Perkins head gaskets are engineered to keep combustion pressures inside the cylinder bore.

The fuel used to create those pressures must be exceptionally clean, because any particles it contains can cause wear in fuel pumps and injectors that reduces efficiency and increases emissions. 

Perkins? Ecoplus fuel filters remove particles less than 4 microns in size, about 1/10th of the diameter of an optical fibre so only clean fuel reaches the pump and injectors. 

All of the moving parts require clean oil to provide the lubrication that maximises their life in the harsh environment inside an engine, and coolant to maintain the correct temperature and pressure. In just 24 hours of operation the oil filter cleans 80,000 litres of oil, enough to fill two typical tanker trucks, and more than 360,000 litres of engine coolant circulates. 

Saving a small amount of money on a ?might work? aftermarket oil filter instead of a ?designed for the job? genuine Perkins filter puts the turbocharger and crankshaft, conrod and camshaft bearings at unnecessary risk. 

 What goes on inside the Perkins engine really is amazing, and using genuine Perkins maintenance and service parts is the best way to continue enjoying optimum engine performance.

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