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Powering the alternative fuels and hybrid revolution

Energy supply for Silver Mountain Construction. (Image source: Cummins Generator Technologies)

Energy producers are increasingly embracing alternative fuels and renewable energy sources to create cleaner, cost­-effective and more efficient power

Self­-sustainable systems such as microgrids, together with hybrid power plants which combine renewable technologies with conventional power generation, are important parts of this emerging landscape. Microgrids, in particular, are playing a growing role in markets and regions where central grid power can be unpredictable. Customers are also adopting hybrid infrastructure that diversify their installations, integrating two or more energy sources such as solar panels or wind power alongside traditional diesel or natural gas­powered generator sets. Other hybrid formats incorporate new energy solutions which might include battery storage and hydrogen fuel cells, along with alternative fuels such as biogas, solid waste landfill gas, municipal sewage digester gas and others. 

Role of power generation markets in hybrid systems 

In many cases, conventional internal combustion-­engine generator sets are deployed as a core power option. Moving into the future, one example is the <100 kVA segment of the telecoms industry, where more telecom towers are being built on hybrid infrastructures with a combination of diesel engines, batteries and solar panels to supply uninterrupted power. Other developments include generator sets which can burn alternative fuels such as biodiesel, gas or hydrogen, taking power generation even further towards full decarbonisation. 

In this transitioning market, the need is for facilities that complement existing central utility structures while delivering cleaner power reliably and economically. In this complex balance of demands, it is important to specify the right alternators ? those that are versatile enough to meet varying market, segment and application needs and also support any alternative energy source. 

Alternators that support the emerging market

NEWAGE | STAMFORD | AvK established in 1904, is globally recognised for the design and manufacture of alternators, harnessing over 100 years of innovation and engineering expertise to create products renowned for their versatility, ruggedness and dependability. 

S7 HV1

At the heart of this expertise are its three alternator brands?STAMFORD?, NEWAGE? and AvK?. Extending across 0.6 to 11,200 kVA, these product families consist of both mature and innovative products with a range of electrical, mounting, cooling and bearing options that answer all possible market and segment needs. Product marketing manager, Adam Pask said, ?All our alternator ranges come backed by our proven engineering capabilities, warranties and global support to help customers navigate the challenges of switching to a hybrid infrastructure while also delivering high efficiencies.?

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