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ALEC installs world's largest CSP in Noor Energy 1 Visitor Centre

The energy system is an off-grid micro-grid with Azelio’s long-duration energy storage system. (Image Source: ALEC Energy/Azelio)

ALEC Energy, a leading solar solutions provider in the Middle East, has announced that it has successfully delivered a unique energy solution for the Visitor Centre of the Noor Energy 1  the world’s largest CSP installation (Concentrated Solar Power) located in Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai, UAE

The energy system – the first of its kind in the world – is an off-grid micro-grid with Azelio’s long-duration energy storage system. Leveraging a groundbreaking energy storage solution from Azelio, combined with 300 kW of solar PV, the system delivers power to the facility, reducing the need for conventional power generation during night-time and overcast conditions.

Commenting on the accomplishment, Basar Kayali, general manager of ALEC Energy said, “As the world’s largest single-site CSP, Noor Energy 1 is a landmark project that sets global benchmarks in clean energy production.”

“The solution we have implemented here has the potential to revolutionise how clean power can be supplied to factories, agricultural facilities, and hotels or resorts in remote locations in the UAE and beyond."

The Noor Energy 1 Visitor Centre, part of Phase 4 of the solar park, is nestled between millions of sq m of solar panels. ALEC Energy began implementing the unique micro-grid in June 2021 and completed the entire project in just 15 months.

The off-grid micro-grid with energy storage is significantly more cost efficient than the traditional alternatives of connecting to the national grid or relying on conventional powered generator sets.

“The hybrid system supplying power to the Noor Energy 1 Visitor Center project is a milestone installation demonstrating how our long-duration energy storage system can form a vital part of a micro-grid for around-the-clock clean power, while serving as a reference project for our solution in the MENA region. The TES.POD was installed in 2021, and I am now delighted to see the complete micro-grid system fully operational, and I am looking forward to more projects in the region,” said Azelio’s CEO, Jonas Wallmander

“We are excited to incorporate the world's first off-grid micro-grid with Azelio’s long-duration energy storage system at the Noor Energy 1 Visitor Centre. Our facility showcases the latest technologies in concentrated solar power, and photovoltaic cells and therefore it is of immense importance that the centre itself is powered by a cutting-edge clean energy solution,” said Hashim Al Ghabashi, execeutive managing director of NOOR Energy. “I’m proud of the collaboration between Noor Energy and ALEC Energy that has enabled  both teams in bringing this pioneering  idea from an ambitious vision to reality. The passion, expertise, and professionalism demonstrated by ALEC Energy and Azelio was exemplary, and we believe that the success achieved together will pave the way for further innovations in the future,” concluded Al Ghabashi.