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Clean energy: The future of mobility

Beacon Energy Solutions and Technology installs customised solar car port solutions, with or without fitted EV charging stations in the UAE

Electricity to charge an electric vehicle can be generated from the sun, and is the most effective way to fuel the growth of EVs and reduce carbon emissions.

Sandhya Prakash, founder and managing director of Beacon Energy, called on developers and owners to Think, Act and Be Futuristic. She said, ?While designing customised solutions around renewable energy for parking and powering electric vehicles, one needs to consider parameters such as expected usage, time, speed of charging and energy consumption. At Beacon Energy, we propose multiple options to developers based on experiences from around the world. At the same time, we think through local needs, habits and behaviour. We also need to be flexible to accommodate rapidly evolving technology.?

According to Bloomberg?s EV New Outlook Report for 2019, privately owned passenger EVs, shared EVs, commercial electric vehicles and e-buses displace a combined 13.7 million barrels per day (MMbd) of oil demand by 2040. Charging infrastructure remains a challenge in our forecast. There are already 630,000 public charging points installed globally, and utilities, oil and gas companies, automakers and pure-play operators are currently all active in this area. But much more will be needed to serve the growing EV fleet.

The excessive time, money and effort needed by traditional EV charging infrastructure is impractical and hinders mass adoption. Installation of grid-tied EV charging stations requires a timeline of 9 to 12 months, serious planning, invasive construction and extreme costs. Grid-dependent chargers leave EV drivers vulnerable during grid outages, resulting in grounded vehicles. Plugging into the grid also requires the use of fossil fuels, defeating the purpose of EVs.

The patented EV ARC? (Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger) is the world?s only transportable but permanent EV charging infrastructure solution. Deployed in minutes without any disruptive, time-consuming and expensive construction or electrical work, the EV ARC? will support the charger and service provider of your choice. EV ARC? generates and stores all its own energy so there are no utility bills and vehicles can be charged day and night, during inclement weather and crucially, during blackouts.

Envision Solar CEO, Desmond Wheatley said, ?A tremendous amount of research was conducted in the United States to develop the Solar CarPort. Envision?s solar powered and rapidly deployable EV ARC? product is a great fit for clients because of its ease of installation and as it provides a highly visible demonstration of your commitment to the environment.?

The EV ARC? will deliver true zero-emissions EV charging for visitors and employees, without environmental impact, the need for construction or a utility connection or resultant bill. As EVs become more widely adopted, the ability to add distributed, transportable, solar powered chargers without planning, construction or grid upgrades makes the EV ARC? product the ideal solution for commercial real estate companies managing growing EV charging demand. Beacon EST is the authorised distributor of EV ARC in the Middle East.

For Permanent Solar Car Port (customised) or Movable Solar Car Port (standardised), contact a Beacon consultant on or call +971 4 3883208, +971 50 5512481.