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Oman has MENA's highest prospective solar farm capacity: report

Oman accounts for 1.55% of the global total capacity for solar energy. (Image source: Adobe stock)

Oman has the highest prospective solar farm capacity in the MENA region, according to the latest data released by the Global Solar Power Tracker

Oman ranks first in the MENA region and ninth globally with an exceptional prospective capacity of 18,349 megawatts (MW), representing for 1.55% of the total global capacity, according to the research, which offers insights into solar farm projects with a capacity of 20 MW and more.

The figures from the Global Solar Power Tracker demonstrate Oman's strong commitment to renewable energy as well as its desire to diversify its energy supply, said a report from the Oman Daily Observer. Oman has realised its solar potential thanks to its wide desert landscapes and an abundance of sunlight, catapulting the nation to the forefront of the MENA region's solar revolution.The potential capacity is the total of all solar farm projects, including those that have already been declared and those that are in different phases of development, including pre-construction and construction. This suggests that Oman's solar business is likely to experience rapid expansion in the years to come.

The study highlights Oman's dedication to renewable energy while also outlining its excellent success in putting solar farm projects into action. Four solar farms are now in operation in Oman, three are being built, twelve are in the pre-construction phase, and two projects have been announced. These accomplishments show that the nation's solar business is thriving and expanding quickly.

The 500 MW Ibri Solar Power Complex, one of the biggest solar projects in the area, is Oman's premier renewable energy project. The facility, which is located in the Al Dhahirah Governorate, provides electricity to 33,000 houses and yearly offsets millions of tonnes of carbon emissions. A pair of IPPs at Manah are now being implemented; once operational in 2025, they will contribute 1,000 MW of additional solar capacity.

Nama Power & Water Procurement Company (Nama PWP), which is in charge of buying electricity and water in Oman, recently declared intentions to buy a brand-new massive solar PV Independent Power Project (IPP) by 2029. The project, provisionally dubbed "Solar PV IPPs 2029," would have two 500 MW IPPs and will have a combined capacity of 1000 MW.

The research also provides information on the worldwide solar farm landscape, which shows a startling total potential capacity of 1,184,296 MW. This underlines how important renewable energy is becoming globally as nations work to cut carbon emissions and lessen the effects of climate change.

China, the United States, Spain, Australia, and India are the top 5 countries on the list. Oman is at the top of the list in the MENA region, coming in at number 11, followed by Egypt (12th) with 17,094 WM, Morocco (15th) with 13,538 MW, Saudi Arabia (17th) with 9,051 MW, Iraq (18th) with 8,385 MW, and Kuwait (19th) with 7,970 MW.