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SADAFCO launches solar power project in Riyadh

Over 2,000 solar cells covering a surface area of around 1,600 sq m have been installed in the parking area of the company. (Image source: SADAFCO)

Saudia dairy and foodstuff company (SADAFCO) has commenced operations of its solar power project, utilising a photovoltaic (PV)-diesel hybrid system that can deliver up to 40 per cent of the facility?s daytime energy requirements

The solar cells cover a surface area of about 1,600 sq m and over 2,000 have been installed atop the carport structures in the parking area offering the additional benefit of sun shade for cars. The project will operate high performance thin film photovoltaic modules from US-headquartered First Solar, Inc. These modules deliver more energy than conventional crystalline silicon panels, in the extreme climatic conditions experienced in the greater part of Saudi Arabia.

According to the company, the hybrid system will not only result in cost savings from reduced diesel consumption on the generators necessary for an off-the-grid facility, but will decrease pollution as well.

SADAFCO CEO WoutMatthijs said, ?We are excited that the Riyadh RDC Solar Project is operational as it is a huge step towards becoming more sustainable. We are looking forward to find new ways to become more efficient and apply these learnings to other areas in which SADAFCO operates. This is not just about powering our business, but reducing our operation?s carbon footprint in a way that is socially responsible.?

He added that the eco-efficient solar technology used will generates 226 kW of power from the sun and combine it with output of existing diesel generators.

The company had announced an investment of around US$530,000 in the solar power project in its Riyadh regional distribution centre (RDC) in October 2015.