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Trina Solar to decarbonise its global operations by 2030

Trina Solar aims to use 100% renewable energy in global manufacturing and operations by 2030 in order to contribute to the Paris Agreements climate objectives. (Image source: Trina Solar)

PV and smart energy solution provider Trina Solar is expanding its sustainability efforts by implementing a variety of net-zero practices

These practices will include net-zero operations, a net-zero value chain, and net-zero products. The company aims to use 100% renewable energy in global manufacturing and operations by 2030 in order to contribute to the Paris Agreement's climate objectives.

Net-zero operations to uphold its green commitment

Trina Solar has employed a variety of carbon neutrality measures in order to meet its 2030 objective. Included in the plan are improvements to energy efficiency, net-zero industrial parks and factories, waste reduction, reuse, and recycling (3Rs), use of renewable energy, digital management of energy and carbon emissions, and development and implementation of carbon reduction technology.

In April 2023, Trina Solar's Yiwu plant became the first in the PV industry to be officially certified as a zero carbon factory. In addition to reflecting the company's carbon reduction practices in technology, products, equipment, and process management over the past quarter century, this demonstrates Trina Solar's strong commitment to sustainable development.

The Zero Carbon Factory (Type I) Certificate

Trina Solar's green operations also involve the sustainable use of natural resources, the responsible emission and recycling of waste gas, wastewater, and solid waste, and the substantial reduction of electricity consumption, water consumption, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Trina Solar's GHG emissions per unit of production for cell and module products decreased by 50.81% and 61.88%, respectively, in 2022, compared with those in 2020, attaining or exceeding its carbon emission reduction objectives early.

20% lower carbon footprint, a net-zero value chain co-created with partners

Trina Solar not only implements its own sustainable development principles, but also endeavors to convey its vision and goals to its global associates. By incorporating sustainability into all procurement and research processes, the organisation is committed to working with global partners to promote a net-zero value chain and establish a green ecosystem.

As a result of its exceptional performance in the green supply chain field, Trina Solar was designated a "National Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise" by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in February 2023, when the 2022 Green Manufacturing List was released.