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Trina Solar's PV modules power Saudi desalination plant

The plant is anticipated to reduce carbon emissions by 60,000 tonnes yearly. (Image source: Trina Solar)

Trina Solar is powering a desalination plant in Saudi Arabia, with its Vertex N 700W+ series solar PV modules

The photovoltaic power station, which is located in Jubail, has an installed capacity of 45.5 MW. It was recently integrated into the grid through the expertise of SEPCOIII, a subsidiary of Power China.

Located in the eastern city of Jubail, the Jubail 3A Independent Water Plant is a sizable integrated water desalination powered by solar energy. The goal of this project is to produce enough power to meet 20% of the plant's daily energy needs. It is noteworthy because it is anticipated to reduce carbon emissions by 60,000 tonnes yearly. 

Trina Solar's Vertex N 700W+ series modules, which combine cutting-edge 210mm wafer technology with breakthrough n-type i-TOPCon cell technology, are essential to the project's success. These modules exhibit qualities including ultra-low deterioration, ideal bifacial power production, and extremely low operating temperatures. They are incredibly efficient, with a stunning 22.5% efficiency rate.

The challenging environment is highlighted by the desalination plant's coastline position and the region's complicated climatic circumstances. The Vertex N 700W+ series modules recently underwent demanding testing as part of RETC's extended reliability tests, which included PID, LeTID, DH2000, SDML, and TC600. 

The crucial necessity of initiatives like the Jubail plant is underscored by Saudi Arabia's substantial reliance on desalination for 70% of its drinking water. The facility provides an astounding 600,000 tonnes of water per day using seawater reverse osmosis technology, benefiting 3 million people and playing a vital part in the water supply to the cities of Dammam and Riyadh. In order to handle the rising water demand along the country's eastern coast, this endeavour is crucial.

Gonzalo de la Vina, president of Trina Solar EMEA, said, "Our collaboration on this remarkable project marks a milestone in sustainable energy solutions. By combining advanced technology with environmental stewardship, we are enabling Saudi Arabia to meet its water and energy needs while contributing to a greener future."