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WEG to showcase its solar powered drives at WETEX

The WEG883 - ADV200-SP solar pump drive. (Image source: WEG)

Electric motor manufacturer WEG will participate in the Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) and Dubai Solar Show, which is being held from 15-17 November this year at the Dubai World Trade Centre

The company will launch its latest solar powered drives for pumping applications at the event, and demonstrate this technology as well. 

Among the products demonstrated at the WEG stand is the newly launched solar-powered drives for pumping applications. The ADV200-SP drive for solar pumping applications is a variable frequency drive, which is designed specifically for isolated or hybrid solar-powered water pumping systems. This could bring more efficiency and sustainability to the agricultural and industrial sectors.

The ADV200-SP drive is one of WEG’s latest inverter offerings. Developed using WEG's expertise in industrial drive technology, the new drive combines the capability of the existing ADV200 inverter and WEG’s extensive experience in solar and pump applications via photovoltaic (PV) panels. The drive converts the electrical energy supplied by the PV panel into mechanical energy which is converted into hydraulic energy by the pump. 

Leveraging the synergy between its inverters and solar technology, WEG has also developed a groundbreaking software application that optimises the operation of solar pump systems, setting a new industry standard.

In addition to the solar powered drives, WEG will demonstrate its range of digital solutions at WETEX 2023. This includes the asset monitoring system, Motion Fleet Management (MFM). Combining advanced data analytics, real-time monitoring, and predictive maintenance, MFM empowers infrastructure owners, engineers and maintenance teams to better manage the performance of their assets, including motors, drives and other equipment, used in the water and wastewater industries.

The technology will be demonstrated in action at WETEX 2023, drawing real-time performance data from industrial assets working at one of WEG’s own factories in Brazil. Attendees can witness the rapid response time to problems that are highlighted with industrial equipment, providing evidence as to how this technology could be used in the water industry.

“WEG is committed to delivering sustainable solutions that drive efficiency and innovation across a range of sectors industries we serve,” explained Marek Lukaszczyk, marketing manager for Europe and the Middle East at WEG. “The ADV200-SP drive is a cutting-edge innovation for solar pumping. Designed to be user-friendly, efficiency, and equipped with a host of features, the ADV200-SP is an ideal solution to support cleaner pumping operations.”