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Abu Dhabi funds Bahrain transmission line project

The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), a fund established by the government to aid the economic development of developing nations, has granted a loan to Bahrain worth US$50mn. The loan will be used to erect two electric transmission lines, of 220KV and 66KV each, to meet the increasing demand for electric power.

The project also involves the construction of a 31-conversion plant, an expansion of one of Bahrain's ten stations. Ground cables to connect each of the stations? new conversions will be laid out, which will be added to the transfer stations in the existing national electricity network. The ADFD will also provide advisory services and institutional support for the authority.
The agreement was signed in Manama by ADFD acting director-general, Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi, and Bahrain?s minister of works, Fahmi bin Ali Al Jowder. Al Jowder confirmed that this project will improve the level of power in Bahrain.
The ADFD has supported developments in Bahrain since 1974 and has financed eight projects with a total value estimated at US$190mn. It has also supervised the management of four other projects funded by the government of Abu Dhabi with a total value of around US$110mn.