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FEDS and Flybotix partner for Gulf drone inspections

The goal for both companies is to revolutionise industrial inspections across the Gulf countries, using advanced technology drones. (Image source: Flybotix)

FEDS Drone Powered Solutions, a pioneer in the field of drone technology and aerial data, has announced its partnership with Flybotix, a Swiss company that specialises in drone technology for inspecting confined spaces 

This partnership signifies Flybotix’s debut in the Middle East and is set to transform industrial inspection practices throughout the Gulf nations.

The collaboration will concentrate on sectors such as construction, oil & gas, and mining within the Gulf region, offering cutting-edge drone solutions that aim to improve safety, efficiency, and the precision of data in confined space inspections. Coinciding with this partnership is the introduction of Flybotix’s newest drone, the ASIO X, to the Gulf market. The ASIO X is equipped with advanced technology and post-processing analytics software specifically designed for confined space inspections. It features orientable LiDAR technology for 3D mapping of inspection zones, and its integrated AI analytics software converts raw data into practical insights, thereby optimising the inspection workflow and boosting operational efficiency.

The industry for confined space inspections in the Gulf has experienced notable expansion recently. A MarketsandMarkets report forecasts that the global market for inspection drones will hit US$2.8bn by 2025, with the Middle East emerging as one of the most rapidly growing regions. The surge in demand for confined space inspections, especially in the oil and gas, construction, and infrastructure sectors, is attributed to the increasing emphasis on safety and efficiency. Specifically, in the UAE, the adoption of drone technology for industrial inspections has surged by 35% in the last two years.

Samir Bouabdallah, CEO of Flybotix, commented, "I am thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with FEDS, bringing ASIO X to the Middle East for the first time.”

Rabih Bou Rached, CEO & Founder of FEDS, added, “The driving force behind this partnership is FEDS' commitment to a future-forward approach. Recognising the growing demand for indoor confined space inspections in the Middle East, we identified Flybotix as a perfect fit to meet market needs.”

This partnership is set to pave the way for enhanced confined space industrial inspections across the Gulf, driving innovation and efficiency in the region.