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Interview: cybersecurity solutions for the manufacturing industry

Seclore highlighted its solutions at GISEC as well. (Image source: Seclore)

MENA HSE Review caught up with Justin Endres, chief revenue officer of Seclore, to discuss why cybersecurity is important for the manufacturing industry in the MENA region

The company had highlighted its solutions at GISEC this year as well. Speaking to MENA HSE Review, Endres said that, “Given the record number of breaches and the record number of spending in cyber, what we've done is said, look, the world has changed. And we need to be more dynamic about how we protect data.

“Data-centric security is really focused on dynamically protecting digital assets, wherever they may travel. Instead of keeping people from getting inside the organisation, many actually exchange data with multiple sources. This data needs to be protected no matter where it travels. We've shifted the balance of power back to organisations and away from the adversaries by deterring them from those cyber launching cyber attacks.

“You should always be in control of your data. And if a breach were to happen, we can also allow an end user to quickly remediate the problem by effectively revoking access to any sort of emails or files, whatever it may be.”

Manufacturing-specific security

Explaining that the company provides solutions for the manufacturing industry, Endres added that, “manufacturers today will have a lot of sensitive data that not only is handled internally within their organisation with their employees, but also with third party suppliers, or contractors. So they want to know for both compliance and security reasons, that if they were to intentionally send an email, or a file to a third party, that they won't lose control of that data, if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

“They also can know by virtue of the visibility we provide to ensure that you know exactly who's handling your data, when they're handling it, where they're handling it. So we provide very deep analytics around the type of sensitive data somebody may be transferring between organisations.”

Endres explained that even if a breach took place, Seclore would be able to handle that more efficiently. “Manufacturing is one of the highest breached sectors because of the nature of the information that they have. But we have the ability to revoke access to any sort of data or emails in the event of a breach.”

Providing better security for the Middle East

Endres said that, “over the past two years, the Middle East has seen the most significant rise in the number of breaches.”

For the most part, these have been prevented, but there has been a “massive uptick” in the number of attempts made to breach organisations, specifically in manufacturing which includes subcategories like pharma or oil and gas.

He added that there is acute awareness within the Saudi and the UAE authorities that are very focused on raising the level of awareness.

This includes, he added, “awareness around preventing these incidents from happening, but also on working with the right sets of organisations in order to accelerate people's understanding and readiness.”