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Mubadala and Thales collaborate to advance aerospace technology

Airports in the Middle East are projected to invest US$150bn in capacity expansion by 2040. (Image source: Mubadala)

Aerospace engineering compavy Sanad, which is owned by Mubadala, has entered into a partnership technology company Thales

The agreement will allow Sanad's Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services into the fields of airport security and air traffic control and digital operation. This alliance aims to harness the expertise of both Sanad and Thales to propel the maintenance and delivery of essential airport systems. 

Building on the foundation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Sanad and Thales in 2022, the two companies are poised to deepen their collaboration in the rapidly developing realms of airport services. Under the new agreement, the partnership will extend into the domain of airport security and digital operations, encompassing crucial areas such as airport safety and security systems in this endeavor, Thales will take the lead in designing and constructing these vital systems. Concurrently, Sanad will assume a pivotal role in overseeing critical tasks such as maintenance, installation, rigorous testing, and commissioning activities for these cutting-edge systems. This collaborative synergy of resources and expertise ensures that Sanad and Thales together play an instrumental role in shaping and secure and resilient future for aviation operations, ultimately guaranteeing safety and operational efficiency within the industry.

Airports in the Middle East are projected to invest US$150bn in capacity expansion due to global air passenger demand, which is projected to increase more than two-fold by 2040. As a result of this expansion and the emergence of new airports, upgrades to meet future needs will be necessary, leading to increasing demand for airport security and air traffic management systems, as well as subsequent MRO services requirements. Additionally, domestic passenger air traffic in Africa is forecasted to more than quadruple in the next two decades, which will result in investments to modernise the continent’s aviation infrastructure and air traffic management, airports security along with safety systems. 

Mansoor Janahi, managing director and group CEO of Sanad, stated, "Our strategic alliance with Thales represents a significant milestone in Sanad's journey. By collaborating with an industry leader, we contribute to sustaining efficient operations at some of the busiest airports in the Middle East and Africa. We aim to shape a more cohesive and collaborative aviation industry rooted in engineering excellence and technological innovation. Additionally, we are contributing to building local capacity and reinforcing Abu Dhabi's position as a leading aviation hub by expanding our partnerships, capabilities, and geographic footprint."

“Sanad’s outstanding global aerospace engineering and leasing solutions combined with Thales’ high technologies will create prosperous synergies in the field of airport operations and security. This strategic agreement will bring innovative technologies to the front and boost local industrial growth. As we look to build a future that we can all trust, innovation and knowledge exchange play a vital role in developing a sustainable aviation future”, said Elias Merrawe, vice-president, civil business of Thales in the Middle East.

Sanad and Thales will collaborate closely to enhance air traffic management and advance airport operations in the Middle East and Africa by deploying innovative systems and MRO services.