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300 water leaders converge in London for global summit to address utility challenges

The initiative has conducted a series of regional workshops across the world. (Image source: Canva)

The inaugural global meeting of the 300 Water Leaders Group is set to take place during the London Global Water Summit from 15-17 April this year

CEOs representing utilities in developing nations will gather, with industry stalwarts from more than 30 countries collectively serving a staggering 220 million individuals. Notable leaders hailing from major megacities like Manila, Dhaka, Bogota, and Lagos will assemble to confront the most urgent challenges facing utilities through collaborative networking.

The initiative, introduced during New York UN Water Week and formally launched at the 2023 Global Water Summit in Berlin, is aimed at fostering unity among 300 utilities globally, all committed to elevating efforts towards achieving SDG6.

Members of the group pledge to expand their services, with the overarching objective of ensuring an additional 300 million people gain access to water and sanitation services by 2030. As part of their commitment, utilities submit detailed road maps outlining transformative strategies to realise their pledges, with the most exemplary roadmap slated to be honoured as the 'SDG6 Champion' at the prestigious Global Water Awards ceremony on 16 April.

Since its inception, the initiative has conducted a series of regional workshops in key locations such as Côte d’Ivoire, Vietnam, and Mexico. These workshops provided a platform for utilities to articulate the most significant challenges hindering progress towards SDG6.

Insights gleaned from these sessions have influenced the agenda for the forthcoming London workshop, further underscoring the group's dedication to advancing global water and sanitation objectives.

About the 300 Water Leaders Initiative:

The 300 Water Leaders network is an official pledge to the UN Water Action Agenda and is dedicated to accelerating financing for water-related projects as well as fostering peer-to-peer solution discussions.

The initiative aims to provide inspiration for leadership and a fast-track to finance through the forging of relationships with development finance institutions (DFIs).

The group offers utilities a platform for transformational ideas, peer consultation, and celebration of milestones. It inspires leaders and facilitates dynamic change.