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Elcome to distribute maritime tech in Middle East

Dry-mounted and radar-based sensors can help reduce carbon emissions as well. (Image source: Elcome International)

Maritime systems and services provider Elcome International LLC has signed an agreement with Miros AS, which specialises in wave, current and oil spill monitoring

Elcome will not only collaborate with Miros under the terms of the agreement, but will also provide distribution and installation services for its entire product line, which includes the company's industry-leading oil spill detection (OSD) system. Elcome will be qualified to commission, service, and support all Miros products.

Thanks to this partnership, Miros will be able to provide its range of sea state sensor and measurement solutions to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, namely UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar.

These solutions provide accurate, real-time data for weather-sensitive operations at sea, as well as offering input to asset integrity systems and coastal monitoring. The company’s dry-mounted, radar-based sensors provide maritime and offshore operatives reliably with the sea state data they need to make informed decisions to improve fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and mitigate any safety risks.

The Miros OSD system can evaluate multiple indicators concurrently, only triggering alarms when the “right” combination is identified. These indicators encompass wave height and behaviour, surface characteristics, and drift, which are gathered and assessed using one or more marine X-band radars, AIS receiver, wind sensor, gyro compass, as well as infrared and daylight cameras.

Following data processing, Miros OSD transmits the appropriate signal to the user interface, which can display up to 24 hours of oil spill history and trajectory.

Jonas Rostad, chief commercial officer, Miros, said, “Miros has been a trusted provider of reliable ocean surface measurements to some of the world’s largest ship owners, operators and offshore exploration and production companies, wind farms, and ports for about 40 years. As a technology-driven company with strong focus on digital innovation, we have found a like-minded partner in Elcome to help strengthen and support a growing customer base across the region.”

“We are delighted to partner with Miros,” said Elcome’s international managing director Jimmy Grewal. “We share a number of synergies and values and look forward to increasing Miros’ presence across the Middle East. The collaboration aims to improve the safety, performance, and efficiency of maritime operations in the region by monitoring the sea surface and making data available to all relevant stakeholders through an easy-to-access, cloud-integrated platform.”

“With more than 250 Miros OSD systems delivered to oil companies, ship owners and coastal agencies around the world, Miros has established itself as a global leader in the provision of tools supporting oil spill response and surveillance operations,” said Grewal.