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Energy efficiency for the water industry

The acquisition of EWT has helped Brentwood expanded its product portfolio. (Image source: Brentwood ENEXIO)

Clint McCorkle, senior vice president, Water & Wastewater at Brentwood, speaks to Technical Review Middle East about the company's expansion plans, new technologies, and more. Read on

What changes have occurred since Brentwood acquired ENEXIO Water Technologies?

Since Brentwood purchased ENEXIO Water Technologies (EWT), we’ve been working hard to align people, systems, and processes to create a unified Brentwood.

EWT was legally renamed Brentwood Europe, GmbH, in June. And in September, our UK entity called 2H Water Technologies, Ltd. (2H), was renamed Brentwood Europe, Ltd.

The renaming of the entities is part of a larger strategy to end use of the EWT and 2H names in Brentwood’s business practices and communications. The legal name changes are a final step in signaling to our customers and partners around the world that EWT and 2H are now officially part of the Brentwood family.

brentwood enexio clint mc

Clint McCorkle, senior vice president, Water & Wastewater at Brentwood


What products will the company focus on in the near future? 

Our business in the Middle East is focused on water and wastewater treatment, cooling tower, and mass transfer applications. Brentwood has proven expertise in  in the areas of sedimentation technology, sludge collection and removal systems, and biological treatment processes utilising biofilms. These are the areas in which we will focus, and design the best solutions for unique applications, successfully treating and recycling water.

Our product offering with the most value to the region would include our TUBEdek® lamellas and IFR Series tube settlers (sedimentation), our Polychem® systems (sludge collection and removal), and our biological treatment products for trickling filter, IFAS, FBBR, and fixed bed media processes. 

What technologies is Brentwood investing in? 

With the recent acquisition of EWT, we have greatly expanded our product portfolio, capabilities, and market presence. This move positions Brentwood uniquely in the global landscape, particularly in sedimentation and biological treatment, where our extensive portfolio of fixed film solutions is unmatched. 

What are some trends in the industry?

The topic of energy efficiency is currently a very big one, as it is all over the world, and our trickling filter bioreactor offers the most energy efficient solution for biological treatment. This is especially notable in African and South American countries, where water and energy are scarce.

Desalination is also an important issue, especially in the Middle East, as is the recycling of wastewater for subsequent reuse in agriculture.

brentwood enexio last pic

Brentwood ENEXIO's trickling filter installation in Europe


What are the main challenges in the industry?

26% of the world's population doesn't have access to safe drinking water, and 46% lack access to basic sanitation. Our products and solutions are increasingly being used to provide access within developing nations and regions, but these statistics make it clear that we still have a long way to go.

Another challenge we face is the misconception that we are not committed to sustainability because we use plastics in many of our solutions. This is, in fact, the furthest thing from the truth. We recognise the responsibility we bear with plastics manufacturing and are committed to sustainable operations. Our products are not comparable to throwaway plastic bags and bottles; they can often last 15-20 years in their applications. Plus, we recycle our own materials with millions of pounds of plastic recycled annually.

What are Brentwood’s expansion plans? 

Our goal is to continue to grow via the ENEXIO Water Technologies acquisition in regions such as Europe and the Middle East and to make all customers aware that we will operate solely under the Brentwood name beginning in 2024.