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Polychem® Chain & Flight Scraper Systems

Polychem offers flexibility with configurations as well. (Image source: Brentwood)

The Polychem® Chain & Flight Scraper Systems by Brentwood are designed for rectangular sedimentation tanks

Their Polychem systems can be used across various stages of water and wastewater treatment as well, meaning that they are versatile and can be custom-made for different types of use.

Built with lightweight and corrosion-resistant materials, Polychem can deliver high levels of reliability and requires minimal maintenance. This means that it can ensure the smooth running of plants around the clock.

The use of high-quality non-metallic components for submerged equipment further enhances the system's durability and effectiveness.

Polychem offers flexibility with configurations for either four-shaft or three-shaft systems. Four-shaft systems enable simultaneous removal of bottom and floating sludge, with bottom sludge directed to a sludge hopper at the inlet end of the basin, while the floating sludge is skimmed off and discharged by means of a floating sludge pipe.

Other solutions

Three-shaft systems facilitate the usage of tube settlers, like Brentwood TUBEdek® and IFR Series, offering reliable sludge removal within a reduced footprint.

Applications for Polychem encompass clarifier stages, stormwater retention tanks, grease traps, flotation tanks, and grit chambers.

Recognising the critical role of sludge management in operational efficiency, Brentwood introduces its Tank Evaluation Service.

This free assessment of settlement tanks ensures peak performance of Chain and Flight Scraper Systems, facilitating timely repairs and realignment of existing equipment, thereby extending system longevity, and providing insights for future enhancements.

Brentwood’s systems have helped it establish their reputation with more than 20,000 successful installations worldwide, highlighting Brentwood's unparalleled expertise in optimising sludge collector systems.

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