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SWCC gets certified as the largest producer of desalinated water

The plant received the world's lowest desalination energy consumption certificate. (Image source: SWCC)

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) received nine certificates from the Guinness World Records 

SWCC produces over 11.5 million cubic metres of water every day. On Tuesday, the company received the certificates for the largest desalination plant in the world for its giant system "Ras Al-Khair" with a production capacity approaching 3 million cubic metres, the largest covered water reservoir for storing drinking water in the world, with a production capacity of 3 million cubic metres, and the largest drinking water storage facility, represented by the “Briman Strategic Water Reservoir" with a capacity that exceeds 2 million cubic metres.

SWCC also obtained a certificate for the largest covered drinking water storage facility in the world, which is Riyadh's strategic water storage tanks with a capacity of 4.79 million cubic metres.

It also received certificates for the largest piped water transmission system for water desalination in the world, with a length of 14,217 km and a capacity of 19,429 million cubic metres per day, the largest mobile desalination plant in the world with a capacity of 50,000 cubic metres per day, the largest multi-effect distillation desalination unit in the world for the MED-TVC unit in Shuaiba with a capacity of 91,200 cubic metres per day, and the largest network of water reservoir for drinking water storage with a total capacity of 8,970 million cubic metres.

It also received the world's lowest desalination energy consumption certificate, reaching less than 2.271 kWh per cubic metre.

Research and innovation

His Excellency Eng. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Abdulkareem, governor of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, said, "SWCC is proud to have achieved these new records that enhance its pioneering and leading role in the desalination industry, and to continue its journey towards the future, taking deliberate and confident steps."

He emphasised the importance of the continuous development and efforts of research and innovation that led to the registration of nine new Guinness World Records. He explained that this achievement is the result of a strategy that aims to improve business efficiency by leveraging technologies, enhancing capabilities, and localising knowledge.

He said, "We take pride in our accomplishments which were made possible with the guidance of our wise leadership and their aspirations. We now seek to expand our vision within the desalination industry, aiming to exceed the limits of competition and achieve record-breaking accomplishments that not only make a difference but also promote Saudi leadership on a global scale". 

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