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WETEX to highlight specialised companies in all sectors of the water industry

DEWA is organising WETEX and DSS 2023 from 15-17 November 2023, at the Dubai World Trade Centre. (Image source: WETEX)

The Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) and Dubai Solar Show (DSS) will attract hundreds of local and international companies that specialise in all sectors of the water industry. This includes water production, purification, treatment, desalination, sustainability, infrastructure, flow management, wastewater treatment, waste disposal, water extraction from air and others

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is organising WETEX and DSS 2023 from 15-17 November 2023, at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The Ma Hawa initiative, launched by Baynunah Watergeneration Technologies, aims to define the future of sustainable water solutions in the Middle East and North Africa. With its cutting-edge air-to-water generation technology, which offers "Made in UAE" products that transform air into a valuable resource and guarantee premium-quality drinking water, it transforms the water landscape.

ZLD is showcasing its cutting-edge desalination plant. The affordable, easily accessible, environmentally friendly, and sustainable plant uses very little energy and Zero Liquid Discharge solution. The only byproducts of the process are salt and water; no hazardous substances are produced. 

“At WETEX, we highlight our unwavering pledge to shape a sustainable future. This is by providing innovative solutions to change the course of desert regions facing water scarcity. We dared to transform brackish water into freshwater, making life more sustainable in arid desert conditions. It’s a story of resilience and innovation, and together, we’re crafting a narrative where water scarcity finds its solution,” said Abdul Jabbar Gargash, inventor and founder of AJG Holding,  the parent company of ZLD.

Abu Dhabi Pipe Factory (ADPF) is showcasing its fittings and GRP/GRV/GRE pipes. The anti-scaling water treatment and purification equipment from INQAAZ Water Treatment Equipment is on display. The first ANSI Non-Metallic pump in the world, the Lined Trapezoidal Volute Casing Design, is being introduced by the Portuguese company Chemitek. It can handle acidic and alkali media in a variety of applications at temperatures as high as 210 degrees Celsius, with an achieved efficiency of up to 80% and a range of 1000 M3/hr.

“Chemitek is eagerly anticipating our first-time participation at WETEX , an event dedicated to the pivotal themes of water and solar energy, two of the most critical elements for our planet’s future. The knowledge and insights we expect to gain from this event promise to be invaluable as we navigate the challenges of sustainability and renewable resources in our ever-evolving world,” said Firoj Mulani, managing director of Chemitek.

Chinese company, Qingdao LuminSens Marine Technology, will showcase a portable water quality analyser, an online water quality analyser that provides data for remote monitoring, and a wireless water quality analyser for real-time monitoring of dissolved oxygen, water temperature, and other indicators.

“Thanks to the directives of the wise leadership, the exhibition has evolved into a globally anticipated annual forum. It gathers companies, officials, policymakers, and industry experts from various critical sectors to exchange skills and knowledge and learn about the latest technologies and innovations in energy, water, environment, green development, smart cities, clean and renewable energy, and decarbonisation. The exhibition supports the UAE efforts to achieve sustainable development. It also promotes Dubai as a global pioneering hub for clean energy and a green economy,” said HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, founder and fhairman of WETEX and Dubai Solar Show. 

The German company VEGA presents its cutting-edge 80-GHz radar level measurement sensors for water treatment plans and wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). The UV-cured CIPP liners from the German company IMPREG are on display for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation.

The worldwide business Electrolytic Technologies Systems (ETS), with its headquarters in the US, is showcasing its on-site disinfection systems that produce chlorine dioxide under the Klorigen brand. Chlorine dioxide is more ecologically friendly and can be used with ease. Polish company POL-EKO will display its water and wastewater management equipment, metal furniture, fume cupboards, and thermostatic laboratory equipment.