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Discussion on latest technologies at ENEXIO, a Brentwood Company, with Peter Althaus

Peter Althaus, managing director and senior vice-president at ENEXIO Water Technologies ? a Brentwood Company. (Image source: ENEXIO Water Technologies)

Peter Althaus, managing director and senior vice-president at ENEXIO Water Technologies, a Brentwood Company has answered few questions about the latest technologies introduced till date and how the company solutions is promoting sustainable processes and proving beneficial for the environment

As of January 2022, ENEXIO Water Technologies (EWT) is part of the global, family-owned and -operated company; Brentwood Industries, Inc., wherein Brentwood (BW) is an industry leader for plastic solutions for cooling towers, water treatment and other applications. Beginning in January 2023, ENEXIO Water Technologies will operate under the Brentwood name.

1) What are the latest technologies Brentwood/ENEXIO Water Technologies has introduced in the field of drinking water and wastewater treatment?

BW/EWT focuses on water treatment technologies that are proven treatment methods and best suited for the specific facility and environment. We operate all over the world and know that the latest technologies are not always suitable for every site. 

For example: Sometimes energy supply is not available 24/7 or there is a lack of well-trained personnel. With our high performance trickling filters, we focus on energy-efficient technologies that are robust and can be operated by a team that is skilled but not necessarily scientifically trained in water treatment. Fluctuation of influent loads and influent quality affect the trickling filter process and performance much lesser compared to activated sludge plants.

We perform process simulations and our experts look for the best solutions for the specific requirements of each customer taking into account impacts such as warm or cold climates of the region.

2) How are Brentwood/ENEXIO's environmental and cooling tower solutions helping clients in the Middle East region?

BW/EWT's strength is that ?unlike most competitors- our production facilities can adapt the raw material for the fills and sedimentation lamellas to the environmental conditions of each project site. 

We add additives in our own factories for greater stability under light intensity or higher temperatures; improve chemical resistance for aggressive water qualities, or use special compounds for anti-legionella solutions for cooling towers. In water treatment for drinking water, our complete modules are certified, not just individual components. The process know-how of our engineers is essential to find the right solution for our customers' requirements.

3) How are the company solutions promoting sustainable processes and proving beneficial for the environment? 

We always search for the most energy-efficient solutions such as above-mentioned trickling filters. They do not need ventilation systems that consume much energy. Mostly only a pump for the waste water feed is needed. This saves not only energy but investment and operation costs. Furthermore, depending on the application and customers? needs, we use recycled material for our plastic packings.

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