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AROUND 36 PER cent of Iraqis say economic issues - unemployment (21 per cent) or financial insecurity (15 per cent) - are the biggest problems they face today. This compares to 16 per cent who believe security problems are their greatest difficulty.

?Today?s Iraqis are looking to the future, gradually their concerns are less about violence and more about how ?I am going to provide for myself and my family??, says YouGov?s Managing Director in Iraq, Stefan Kazsubowski.  ?There are number of indicators coming out of Iraq showing improvements to security. As security conditions improve, the economy takes centre stage. People want jobs, decent services and the improvements to quality of life that these things provide.?
More than 1,500 Iraqis responded to the survey which was conducted between 22nd and 30th December 2009 across all 18 governorates of Iraq. Despite the improved security conditions, the population is split on the direction the country is taking with 44 per cent of Iraqis saying ?right direction? and 46 per cent saying ?wrong direction?.
The report also includes findings on the use of the Internet in Iraq.  22 per cent of people use the internet and 22 per cent of those users would ?find it difficult to do without the Internet?.  Seventy-nine per cent of Internet users ?wish they could access the internet more often?. More than half of all Iraqis (56 per cent) believe the Internet can improve their lives.
?There is significant demand for better Internet services in Iraq. Just as mobile phones have been adopted incredibly quickly we expect demand for Internet access to grow quickly. Information like this is crucial for companies around the region doing or considering doing business in this fast growing economy.  
YouGov is able to provide insight into the country?s hard to reach populations. ? continued Stefan Kazsubowski.