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Amaala has awarded Tamimi Global Co Ltd (TAFGA) the design and build contract for the construction of the first stage of the Amaala Construction Village

Amaala Tamini storyCEO of Amaala Nicholas Naples with chairman of Tamimi Group Sheikh Tariq Al-Tamimi. (Image source: Amaala)

The Saudi Arabian company was awarded the contract thanks to its understanding of the local landscape and capabilities in creating short and long-term residential communities. The contract also includes the second and third stages of civil and infrastructure works for the village.

A part of Tamimi Group, founded by Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Al-Tamimi, TAFGA has been providing a wide-range of services, including operations and maintenance, temporary facility construction, facility management services, industrial services, and highly qualified management services since 1977.

Catering to a total occupancy of 15,552 upon completion, each stage will address the needs of 5,184 future residents. The world-class accommodations will also be home to a full range of community facilities catering to the diverse needs of on-site staff.

Nicholas Naples, CEO of Amaala, said, ?Amaala will set the standard in sustainable, community living, and this has to start with our construction workforce quarters. Providing world-class accommodations to suit a variety of staffing grades and needs, the construction village will aid in attracting, retaining, and training the best in global talent.?

?We are committed to an operational zero-carbon footprint as our goal and through our partnership with Tamimi Group, we will define a new standard of excellence for sustainable workforce accommodation, addressing the diverse needs of all construction staff, while creating a community feel, enhancing both the welfare and quality of life.?

In line with the sustainability goals set forth in the Amaala's sustainability goals, the development of the construction village will employ off-site fabrication and modular construction techniques, thereby reducing environmental impact of both fabrication and installation of the village. This approach will also allow for a reduced delivery time and ensure enhanced quality.

Commenting on the partnership, chairman of Tamimi Group of Companies, Sheikh Tariq Al-Tamimi added, ?Tamimi Group aims not only to meet the high sustainability and environmental requirements, but to exceed expectations by providing a state-of-the-art living facility unlike any other. I would also like to express my gratitude to the Amaala team, for its confidence in Tamimi Group. We wish to continue this partnership in other fields as well. I would personally like to thank all involved in making this happen and wish the team good luck.?