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Caparol eco-friendly solution for sustainable infrastructure and environment in the Middle East

Nano 360 offers the maximum resistance to the soiling particles from the air, algae and fungal attack. (Image source: Caparol)

Caparol Arabia, the Middle East?s leading German paint manufacturer, has launched ?Nano 360?, its latest innovative and eco-friendly solution for sustainable projects

The new product is a superior quality exterior paint with advanced Nanotechnology specially designed to withstand the harsh Middle East climate and weather. 

Following several years of research and on the back of established evidence, Nano 360 has proved to offer excellent dirt pick-up resistance, outstanding colour retention, enhanced solar reflectance, increase durability and longer protection to any type of building (up to 5% energy savings and 22% cost savings over the lifetime of a building). The confidence in the performance of Nano 360 led Caparol to provide customers with a unique and unmatched 25 years warranty.

In the Middle East, buildings consume in general up to 80% of all electricity generated and this is essential to power air conditioning systems. According to Germany?s Max Plack Institute, by 2050 temperatures in the MENA will be 4?C higher. By the end of the century, daytime highs could reach 50?C, with 200 days of exceptional hear every year.

Mowaffaq Balish, commercial director at Caparol Arabia, said, ?Nano 360 strengthens our exterior portfolio. It is a sustainable, energy efficient and cost savings solution that aims to make facades look bright, fresh and vibrant even in the harshest climatic conditions of the region. It is conceived as a futuristic paint reducing the cycles of maintenance to make sure that frequent repainting is not required as the paint stays fresh and vibrant for longer periods compared to other paints.?

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, sustainability trends accelerated, and the issue has climbed the top of national agendas. As we enter a recovery phase, governments and businesses are putting more efforts to address environmental crises and challenges. Amid the pandemic, Caparol was already one of the leading companies that introduced products such as CapaCare Protect, a tested and approved solution able to curb the spread of coronavirus and other microbes.

Martin Rosocha, managing director at Caparol Arabia, said, ?As a company, we do not settle for ordinary paint. Caparol prides itself for having pioneered innovative solutions for more than a century to help build a sustainable infrastructure and environment. Our German technology is a synonym of reliability, technical expertise and outstanding performance. The global crisis has reminded everyone of the important link between our environment and our health. We always look forward to supporting the region with innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable solutions such as Nano 360 for a healthier living.?

Nano 360 offers the maximum resistance to the soiling particles from the air, algae and fungal attack, hot and humid weather with very high dust and low rainfall.